Build barcode data matrix in Objective-C DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL ORACLE APPLICATIONS

I mentioned earlier that C# arrays are derived from class System.Array. From that base class, they inherit a number of useful properties and methods. Some of the most useful ones are listed in Table 14-1. Table 14-1. Some Useful Members Inherited by Arrays
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Choosing a Performance Optimization Method
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A join in LINQ takes two collections and creates a new collection where each element has members from the elements of the two original collections. For example, the following code declares two classes: Student and CourseStudent. Objects of type Student contain a student s last name and student ID number. Objects of type CourseStudent represent a student that is enrolled in a course, and contain the course name and a student ID number. public class Student { public int StID; public string LastName; } public class CourseStudent { public string CourseName; public int StID; } Figure 21-6 shows the situation in a program where there are three students and three courses, and the students are enrolled in various courses. The program has an array called students, of Student objects, and an array called studentsInCourses, of CourseStudent objects, which contains one object for every student enrolled in each course.
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Remote Data Portal (with Remoting)
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Outlining What Is Wrong with the Classic Singleton Implementation
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Listing 26-5. Using the T nullable Form using System; class Listing 05 { static void Main(string[] args) { // define some nullable types using T syntax int myNullableInt = null; // no value has been assigned so far Console.WriteLine("Nullable variable - has value: {0}", myNullableInt.HasValue); // assign a value myNullableInt = 34; Console.WriteLine("Nullable variable - has value: {0}, value: {1}", myNullableInt.HasValue, myNullableInt.Value); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } }
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Note To use the following example, and all examples in this chapter, you must have created the SQL
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These battery life durations are in ideal conditions with a new, fully charged battery. You will notice that over time, your actual battery life will diminish.
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Listing 4-9. Filtering Table Elements
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