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The for Loop
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// Gets the value of the field
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To completely cover the whole grid with triangles, you need to render two triangles between each four points of the grid, which are shown as the triangles drawn in the solid and dotted lines in Figure 5-14. You will need (width-1)*2 triangles for one row, yielding (height-1)*(width-1)*2 triangles for the whole terrain. If you want to determine whether you should use indices to render your terrain, use the rule from recipe 5-3. In this case, (number of unique vertices) divided by (number of triangles) is less than 1, so you should definitely use indices. All vertices that are not on the border are shared by no less than six triangles! Furthermore, because all triangles share at least one side with each other, you should render the whole pack of triangles as a TriangleStrip instead of a TriangleList.
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Media Integration Enhancements in Silverlight 4
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To instantiate an array, you use an array-creation expression. An array-creation expression consists of the new operator, followed by the base type, followed by a pair of square brackets. The length of each dimension is placed in a comma-separated list between the brackets. The following are examples of one-dimensional array declarations: Array arr2 is a one-dimensional array of four ints. Array mcArr is a one-dimensional array of four MyClass references. Their layouts in memory are shown in Figure 14-5. Four elements int[] arr2 = new int[4]; MyClass[] mcArr = new MyClass[4]; Array-creation expression The following is an example of a rectangular array. Array arr3 is a three-dimensional array. The length of the array is 3 * 6 * 2 = 36. Its layout in memory is shown in Figure 14-5. Lengths of the dimensions int[,,] arr3 = new int[3,6,2] ;
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abstract No implementation body semicolon instead Must be overridden using override Methods Properties Events Indexers
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Continuing with the Example
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Similar to full scans on small tables, full index scans on smaller indices also will result in many concurrent processes accessing a small set of buffers, in turn leading to CBC latch contention. Eliminate full index scans with proper indexing techniques such as careful selection of index columns and choosing proper index types (such as btree or bitmap indexes).
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CHAPTER 22: Social Networking
Windows Communication Foundation
Figure 20-5 shows the differences. The nongeneric interface code is on the left, and the noninterface code is on the right. With these changes, the foreach statement will be perfectly happy to process your collection, but without the drawbacks just listed.
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