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Generating ECC200 in Objective-C Lost Updates: Another Portability Issue

Object Creation
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Note The classes I describe in this chapter are not safe for parallel programming. See 24 for details of how to use the concurrent collection classes (which have been specifically designed for parallel programming) or the steps you can take to use the classes in this chapter safely.
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This approach means that all the child objects are handled as a single unit in terms of data access. They are loaded into the collection to start with, so the user can interact with all of them and then save them as a batch when all edits are complete. This is only subtly different from having a regular root object that has a collection of child objects. Figure 5-1 shows the regular root object approach on the left and the collection root object approach on the right.
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Error Message
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// Method matches delegate
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Vertex Shader
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Compilation symbol
protected: virtual void Dispose(bool disposing) { if (disposing) { try { // dispose 2nd sub-object first sr->Dispose(); } finally { // dispose 1st sub-object even if destructor of // the second object has thrown an exception fs->Dispose(); } } else // non-disposing case will be discussed in 11 } // other members not relevant here }; Analogous to the destruction code that is generated for base classes and members of native classes, the destruction code for managed types is performed exactly in the reverse order of its construction code.
Since a C# program is just a set of type declarations, learning C# consists of learning how to create and use types. So the first thing you need to do is to look at what a type is. You can start by thinking of a type as a template for creating a data structure. It is not the data structure itself, but it specifies the characteristics of objects constructed from the template. A type has the following: A name A data structure to contain its components Behaviors and constraints For example, Figure 3-1 illustrates the components of two types: short and int.
Lower Precedence
As much of the IDE is written in WPF, it was easy for Microsoft to add functionality such as the ability to zoom into the code editor (as shown in Figure 2-5). To zoom into the code editor window, simply press Ctrl and use the mouse wheel to increase and decrease zoom level. You could utilize this feature in presentations/code reviews or to zoom out to help you navigate a lengthy piece of code.
Now you will see that your Ellipse has a drop shadow effect (see Figure 2-50).
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