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The Fa ade Pattern in Theory and in Practice
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The Bitmap class also provides a StretchImage method that allows one bitmap to draw all of another bitmap on itself by scaling the image to fit into a specified destination rectangle. You cannot draw a part of the source image; this drawing method will always render the entire source image but in a new size. The code in Listing 11-7 will render the entire ball image and perform a horizontal shrink and vertical stretch operation to fit the image into a destination rectangle that has half the width and double the height of the source image size (see Figure 11-9). Listing 11-7. Image Scaling ScreenMetrics metrics = ScreenMetrics.GetMetrics(); Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(metrics.Width, metrics.Height); Bitmap soccerBall = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.SoccerBall); bmp.StretchImage(100, 50, // destination coordinates soccerBall, // source image soccerBall.Width / 2, // half width soccerBall.Height * 2, // double height Bitmap.OpacityOpaque); // opacity bmp.Flush();
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Figure 4-10. Creating a root object with an object factory The RunLocal attribute can be applied to methods of an object factory and will have the same effect as it would on DataPortal_Fetch(), assuming the assembly containing the object factory class is deployed to the client workstation. It s important to note that the root object s DataPortal_Fetch() or factory object s fetch method is responsible not only for loading the business object s data but also for starting the process of loading the data for its child objects. The key thing to remember is that the data for the entire object, including its child objects, is retrieved when the root object is retrieved. This avoids having to go back across the network to retrieve each child object s data individually. Though the root object gets the data, it s up to each child object to populate itself based on that data. The exception to this is if you choose to use lazy loading to load a child object or collection later in the root object s lifetime. In that case, you would not load the child in the root object s DataPortal_Fetch() or factory object s fetch method. Instead, you d leave the child field with a Nothing value at this point. Let s dive one level deeper and discuss how child objects load their data.
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CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
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Note The following example demonstrates a bad practice one that I call slow-by-slow processing or rowby-row processing, as row-by-row is synonymous with slow-by-slow in a relational database. It is meant just to illustrate how PL/SQL processes a commit statement.
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while (levels->MoveNext()) { PolicyLevel^ level = safe_cast<PolicyLevel^>(levels->Current); if (level->Label == name) return level; } return nullptr; } NamedPermissionSet^ FindNamedPermissionSet(PolicyLevel^ policyLevel, String^ name) { if (!policyLevel) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("policyLevel"); if (!name) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("name"); for each(NamedPermissionSet^ nps in policyLevel->NamedPermissionSets) if (nps->Name == name) return nps; return nullptr; } CodeGroup^ FindCodeGroup(CodeGroup^ parent, String^ name) { if (!parent) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("parent"); if (!name) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("name); for each (CodeGroup^ cg in parent->Children) if (cg->Name == name) return cg; return nullptr; } void GetPublicKeyAndPublicKeyToken( String^ assemblyFilename, [Out] array<Byte>^% publicKey, [Out] array<Byte>^% publicKeyToken) { pin_ptr<wchar_t const> wszAssemblyFileName = ::PtrToStringChars(assemblyFilename); BYTE *pbStrongNameToken = 0; ULONG cbStrongNameToken = 0; BYTE *pbPublicKeyBlob = 0; ULONG cbPublicKeyBlob = 0; barcode code 128 source code
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Pausing Program Execution
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The catch clause handles exceptions. There are three forms of the catch clause, allowing different levels of processing. The forms are shown in Figure 11-3.
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The next logical question that may come to your mind is, If the application is updated and you are running in out-of-browser mode, how would the user be notified of the availability of the new version of the application Here you can use CheckAndDownloadUpdateAsync, which basically checks for and retrieves the available update for the installed out-of-browser application. You can then handle the Application.CheckAndDownloadUpdateCompleted event. In the event handler the UpdateAvailable property value is true if a newer version of your application is discovered and successfully downloaded. In this case, you can alert the user to restart in order to load the update. In the case where an application update requires a newer version of Silverlight than the currently installed version on the client machine, the update will not be downloaded. Partially trusted applications will not be updated when an update requires elevated trust. In both cases, the UpdateAvailable property value is false, and the Error property value is an Exception instance. With a Silverlight version change, the exception is a PlatformNotSupportedException instance. With a security change, the exception is a SecurityException instance. When this happens, you can alert the user to open the application s host web site and reinstall the application from there. In the case of trusted out-of-browser applications, this update mechanism will not work unless the application and the update have both been signed with the same valid, code-signing certificate (see
CHAPTER 1: App Cubby
Associating the value of the property by which to sort with a reference to the corresponding child object in the original collection requires a key/value list, which in turn requires a key/value class. The ListItem class maintains a relationship between a key and a reference to the corresponding child object. The key value is the value of the property from the child object on which the collection is to be sorted. For example, when sorting a collection of Customer objects by their Name property, the key value will be the contents of the Name property from the corresponding child object. Rather than maintaining an actual object reference, ListItem maintains the index value of the child item in the original collection. This is referred to as the base index: private class ListItem : IComparable<ListItem> { private object _key; private int _baseIndex; public object Key { get { return _key; } } public int BaseIndex { get { return _baseIndex; } set { _baseIndex = value; } } public ListItem(object key, int baseIndex) { _key = key; _baseIndex = baseIndex; } public int CompareTo(ListItem other) { object target = other.Key; if (Key is IComparable) return ((IComparable)Key).CompareTo(target);
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