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There is an important difference between the accessibility of an interface and the accessibility of interface members: An interface declaration can have any of the access modifiers public, protected, internal, or private. Members of an interface, however, are implicitly public, and no access modifiers, including public, are allowed. Access modifiers are allowed on interfaces. public interface IMyInterface2 { private int Method1( int nVar1, long lVar2 ); } Access modifiers are NOT allowed on interface members.
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CHAPTER 8: Networked Games: Choosing the Right Option
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a.ShowModeOfTransporation(); a.ShowNumberOfSeats(); } } } Now if you press F5 to compile and run the application, in your Output window you should see what I have in Figure 10-8.
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First Workflow
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/** * <p>Java class for Course complex type. * * <p>The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class. *
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There s also a corresponding MarkNew() method: Protected Overridable Sub MarkNew() _isNew = True _isDeleted = False MarkDirty() End Sub These methods are normally called automatically by the data portal through the IDataPortalTarget interface, but since they are Protected, they are available to the business object author as well. This allows the business object to change its own state to handle those rare cases where the default behavior is inappropriate. Knowing whether an object is new or old allows for implementation of the data portal in 15. The IsNew property will control the choice of whether to insert or update data into the database. Sometimes, the IsNew property can be useful to the UI developer as well. Some UI behaviors may be different for a new object than for an existing object. The ability to edit the object s primary key data is a good example; this is often editable only up to the point that the data has been stored in the database. When the object becomes old, the primary key is fixed.
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asynchronous functionality is extremely unobtrusive. You don t intercept or override the existing click functionality (or any other functionality, for that matter) and just enhance it by providing the additional tags used for the update functionality. ToDoList is an excellent example of a small ASP .NET application and how it can be enhanced with Ajax functionality using Atlas. The server control set you saw in 6 has been carefully designed and implemented to allow you to enhance existing applications as easily as possible and in a manner that involves touching your existing code as little as possible. Additionally, for new applications, it involves reusing your existing skills in ASP .NET and lowers the learning curve drastically. In the next example, you will look at the official reference application for Atlas the Atlas wiki.
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exactly The reason is that the act of taking a snapshot is not atomic; a series of queries are executed gathering statistics into tables during a statspack snapshot, and each query is as of a slightly different point in time. So, the wait event metrics were gathered at a time slightly before the latching details were.
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Figure 34-25. Renamed foreign-key relationships
Figure 5-4. MMC console displaying the Current User and the Local Computer certificate stores 4. Expand the Personal folder of the Current User certificate store and then right-click it to select the All Tasks Import menu option. Import the sample personal information exchange file titled Client Private.pfx. The sample certificates and private keys are installed with WSE 3.0, and their default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft WSE\v3.0\Samples\Sample Test Certificates\. Client Private.pfx is the private key that the Web service client will use to encrypt requests to the Web service. Note that you will be prompted to enter a password for the private key during the import. For the WSE 3.0 test certificates, you can locate this password in a file called readme.htm, which is located in the same folder as the test certificates. 5. Right-click again the Personal folder of the Current User certificate store and select the All Tasks Import menu option. Import the sample test certificate titled Server Public.cer. This is the public key that the client uses to digitally sign requests for the Web service. 6. Expand the Personal folder of the Local Computer certificate store and import the sample test certificate titled Server Public.cer. This is the public key that the Web service uses to decrypt the client s request. This completes the installation of the certificates. But in order to use them from within ASP.NET, you will need to adjust permission levels for the ASP .NET worker process.
The following class defines an event called CalculationPerformedEvent, which is invoked from within the CalculateProduct method: class Calculator { public event EventHandler<EventArgs> CalculationPerformedEvent; public int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { // calculate the result int result = x * y; // send an event CalculationPerformedEvent(this, EventArgs.Empty); // return the result return result; } } Objects that want to receive events use the increment operator (+=) to add a delegate to the event; this delegate is invoked when the event is invoked. The following statements demonstrate using a lambda expression to register a listener with the event defined previously: // create a Calculator object Calculator calc = new Calculator(); // subscribe to the event using a lamba expression calc.CalculationPerformedEvent += ((object source, EventArgs args) => { Console.WriteLine("Event received"); });
get all the columns from every table; neither of these is ideal. In this section, I ll show you how to address both of these issues and how to customize some other aspects of an ASP.NET Dynamic Data application.
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