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The receiver component must be up and running to respond to incoming request messages. To illustrate this, the sample solutions include a stand-alone Windows Forms based receiver called StockTraderSoapReceiver. Figure 8-1 shows the Solution Explorer for this solution. The receiver references the Microsoft.Web.Services3 and System.Web assemblies. The startup code for the form registers the custom SoapReceiver class that will handle the incoming request message, as shown in Listing 8-8.
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This code produces the following output: d1: Mem1= 2, Mem2= 4 d2: Mem1= 15, Mem2= 17 d1: Mem1= 2, Mem2= 17
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Permutations = Power
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null values should be allowed in database columns for only two reasons. The first is when the business rules dictate that the application cares about the difference between a value that was never entered and a value that is zero (or an empty string). In other words, the end user actually cares about the difference between "" and null, or between 0 and null. There are applications where this matters where the business rules revolve around whether a field ever had a value (even an empty one) or never had a value at all. The second reason for using a null value is when a data type doesn t intrinsically support the concept of an empty field. The most common example is the SQL DateTime data type, which has no way to represent an empty date value; it always contains a valid date. In such a case, null values in the database column are used specifically to indicate an empty date. Of course, these two reasons are mutually exclusive. When using null values to differentiate between an empty field and one that never had a value, you need to come up with some other scheme to indicate an empty DateTime field. The solution to this problem is outside the scope of this book but thankfully, the problem itself is quite rare. The reality is that very few applications ever care about the difference between an empty value and one that was never entered, so the first scenario seldom applies. If it does apply to your application, then dealing with null values at the database level isn t an issue, because you ll use nullable types from the database all the way through to the UI. In this case, you can ignore SafeDataReader entirely, as it has no value for your application. But for most applications, the only reason for using null values is the second scenario, and this one is quite common. Any application that uses date values, and for which an empty date is a valid entry, will likely use null to represent an empty date. Unfortunately, a whole lot of poorly designed databases allow null values in columns where neither scenario applies, and we developers have to deal with them. These are databases that contain null values even if the application makes no distinction between a 0 and a null. Writing defensive code to guard against tables in which null values are erroneously allowed can quickly bloat data access code and make it hard to read. To avoid this, the SafeDataReader class takes care of these details automatically, by eliminating null values and converting them into a set of default values. As a rule, data reader objects are sealed, meaning that you can t simply subclass an existing data reader class (such as SqlDataReader) and extend it. However, like the SmartDate class with DateTime, it is quite possible to encapsulate or wrap a data reader object.
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In computer graphics, all 3D objects are made up of triangles. You want each of these triangles to be lit correctly corresponding to the incoming light. Figure 6-1 shows a single directional light going from left to right and its impact on six differently positioned quads, each made up of two triangles.
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Figure 4-1. A handle and a tracking reference designating the same object on the managed heap
Figure 15-11. Set the Birthday Format to Date.
The third button at the top of the Featured apps section is the Genius feature. This feature works like the identically named feature in iTunes used on your computer for music. For example, it displays apps you might like based on apps you already have installed on your iPod touch. NOTE: The first time you use the Genius feature, you will have to accept the terms and conditions presented before the feature will be enabled.
For example, the following code declares a generic class called SomeClass. The type parameters are listed between the angle brackets and then used throughout the body of the declaration as if they were real types. Type parameters class SomeClass < T1, T2 > { Normally, types would be used in these positions. public T1 SomeVar = new T1(); public T2 OtherVar = new T2(); } Normally, types would be used in these positions. There is no special keyword that flags a generic class declaration. Instead, the presence of the type parameter list, demarcated with angle brackets, distinguishes a generic class declaration from a regular class declaration.
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