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Module Metadata Table and Declaration
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You do need an active Internet connection via Wi-Fi in order to access the iTunes store. Check out 5: "WiFi Connectivity" to learn more about network connectivity.
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Console.WriteLine("Still alive {0}", weakRef.IsAlive); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Weak references are created using the System.WeakReference class. You create a new instance and pass the object you want a weak reference to as the constructor parameter. You must be careful to ensure that there are no strong references to the object. If there is, the strong reference will prevent the garbage collector from destroying the object when it runs, making the use of the weak reference meaningless. Because you cannot tell when the garbage collector has destroyed your weak references object, you must test to see whether it is available using the WeakReference.IsAlive property, which will return true if the object still exists and false if it has been destroyed. You can access the object through the Target property. You will need to cast the result to a derived type, as demonstrated by Listing 18-5. Once again, you must be careful not to create any strong references to the object. Compiling and running Listing 18-5 produces the following results: Constructor called Doing some work... Still alive False Press enter to finish Destructor called
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Accessing an Internal State: The Memento Pattern
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Saving a Project
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Adding and removing items is just as you would expect. Listing 19-16 demonstrates the use of the key methods. Notice that when we add new values to the LinkedList<T>, we receive the LinkedListNode<T> instance that is used to wrap the value for inclusion in the collection. You can use that to perform subsequent operations, such as the AddAfter and AddBefore calls in Listing 19-16, which use the results from the AddFirst and AddLast method calls. Listing 19-16. Adding and Removing Items from a LinkedList<T> using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Listing 16 { class Listing 16 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create and populate the collection LinkedList<string> list = new LinkedList<string>( new string[] { "mango", "cherry", "apricot", "banana", }); // add new first and last items LinkedListNode<string> newfirst = list.AddFirst("apple"); LinkedListNode<string> newlast = list.AddLast("guava");
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There are a number of steps to create the proxy/host assembly. Let s walk through each step.
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Statement and Physical Design Issues
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Figure 5-7. UML implementation of the Composite pattern The UML diagram for the Composite pattern looks similar to that of the Chain of Responsibility or Command pattern, and from a high-level perspective it is. There are two main features that compromise a Composite pattern implementation: dynamic storage of data occurs in a hierarchical structure, and the implementations don t process requests. The Composite pattern is implemented using either interfaces or abstract base classes. Using delegates isn t recommended because a typical Composite pattern base type has multiple methods. The simplest way to illustrate a Composite pattern is to implement a storage system. For example, on the UNIX operating system, the storage system is defined by a hierarchy of nodes, where individual nodes can be directories or files. Following is the definition of the base INode abstract class:
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This concludes the overview of the elements that make up a WSDL document. You can reference the complete WSDL document for this Web service in the sample code (available from the Downloads section of the Apress Web site at, under 2\WSDL Documents\. You may find the file easier to read if you open it in Visual Studio .NET or from within XML document editing software.
Figure 14-14. Draw a pair of sunglasses.
All Classes Are Derived from Class object
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