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Figure 21-13. Hierarchical structure of the sample XML tree
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Figure 2-16. Click the Gradient brush button.
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CHAPTER 7: Postage
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The authentication service provides methods to log in and log out, along with checking whether the user is logged in. When a successful login happens, a cookie is set on the client side to store this state. Let s look closer at the methods the authentication service provides: IsLoggedIn: Returns true if the user is logged in (authentication cookie is present) and returns false otherwise. Login: Verifies the user s credentials, and if they are validated successfully, the authentication cookie is set. This method takes the username and password, custom credentials of type string, and a Boolean value specifying whether the authentication cookie persists across sessions. Logout: Clears the authentication cookie from the browser. ValidateUser: Verifies the user s credentials. This is similar to Login, but it does not set the authentication cookie if the user s credentials are validated successfully. Figure 15-10 shows a sample login screen. The login and password shown (testuser/testuser!) are valid with the database distributed with this chapter s code.
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The java.sql Package
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Table 6-2. Setting Properties on Our Workflow Activities
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Given their nature as informational add-ons to other metadata items, custom attributes can be attached to any metadata item that has a specific token type assigned to it. The one exception is that custom attributes cannot be attached to another custom attribute. 5 described the 23 token types. The token type mdtCustomAttribute (0x0C000000) belongs to the custom attributes themselves. This leaves 22 tables providing potential owners of custom attributes: Module, TypeRef, TypeDef, Field, Method, Param, InterfaceImpl, MemberRef, DeclSecurity, StandAloneSig, Event, Property, ModuleRef, TypeSpec, Assembly, AssemblyRef, File, ExportedType, ManifestResource, GenericParam, GenericParamConstraint, and MethodSpec. No metadata table references the CustomAttribute table. Note that a custom attribute can be assigned to a specific type (TypeRef, TypeDef), but not to an instance of the type. The Type entry of a custom attribute is a coded token of type CustomAttributeType and hence theoretically can be one of the following: TypeRef, TypeDef, Method, MemberRef, or String. (See 5.) In fact, in the existing releases of the common language runtime, the choice is limited to Method or MemberRef because of the requirement that the type of a custom attribute must be an instance constructor and nothing else. The class whose instance constructor represents the custom attribute type should be derived from the abstract class [mscorlib]System.Attribute. The Value entry of a custom attribute is a blob whose contents depend on the nature of the custom attribute. If we were allowed to use a user-defined string as the custom attribute type, Value would contain the Unicode text. But because the custom attribute type is limited to instance constructors, the Value blob contains the encoded arguments of the constructor and (possibly) encoded name/value pairs, setting the fields and properties of the custom attribute s class. If the constructor has no parameters, because the mere presence of the custom attribute is considered sufficiently informational, the Value entry can hold 0.
9 if ( mod(x.r,100) = 0 ) then 10 commit; 11 end if; 12 end loop; 13 commit; 14 end; 15 / begin * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number ORA-06512: at line 2
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Figure 4-16. Configuring the email message that will be sent as part of our workflow The information in brackets can be automatically entered by positioning the cursor in the proper place and clicking the Add Lookup to Body button. Select the following Source and Field combinations: [%Initiation: ProductName%] Source: Workflow Data Field: Initiation: Product Name [%Marketing Plans: Encoded Absolute URL%] Source: Current Item Field: Encoded Absolute URL [%Marketing Plans: Modified By%] Source: Current Item Field: Modified By 12. Click OK to close the Define Email Message dialog box. 13. We need to wait until the product manager has completed their task, so we ll assign them a To-Do item. The To-Do item action will automatically pause the workflow until the item is completed. To add another action to this step, click the Actions button and select More Actions from the drop-down. 14. In the Workflow Actions dialog box, select the All Actions category and then select Assign a To-Do Item. 15. Click on the A To-Do Item link in the action. 16. In the first screen of the custom task wizard, click Next.
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