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correct point in time. Additionally, if you accidentally drop a table or remove some critical information and commit that operation, you can restore a backup and have Oracle restore it to the point just before the accident using these online and archive redo log files. Virtually every operation you perform in Oracle generates some amount of redo to be written to the online redo log files. When you insert a row into a table, the end result of that insert is written to the redo logs. When you delete a row, the fact that you deleted that row is written. When you drop a table, the effects of that drop are written to the redo log. The data from the table you dropped is not written; however, the recursive SQL that Oracle performs to drop the table does generate redo. For example, Oracle will delete a row from the SYS.OBJ$ table (and other internal dictionary objects), and this will generate redo, and if various modes of supplemental logging are enabled, the actual DROP TABLE statement will be written into the redo log stream. Some operations may be performed in a mode that generates as little redo as possible. For example, I can create an index with the NOLOGGING attribute. This means that the initial creation of the index data will not be logged, but any recursive SQL Oracle performed on my behalf will be. For example, the insert of a row into SYS.OBJ$ representing the existence of the index will be logged, as will all subsequent modifications of the index using SQL inserts, updates, and deletes. But the initial writing of the index structure to disk will not be logged. I ve referred to two types of redo log file: online and archived. We ll take a look at each in the sections that follow. In 9, Redo and Undo, we ll take another look at redo in conjunction with rollback segments, to see what impact they have on you as a developer. For now, we ll just concentrate on what they are and what their purpose is.
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Manager. If you change the name here, you ll need to change it in line 21 of Listing 8-17.
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20-4, 20-6, 20-7, 20-8, 20-10 20-5
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The Win32 SDK documentation for DllMain contains another important statement: If your DLL is linked with the C runtime library (CRT), the entry point provided by the CRT calls the constructors and destructors for global and static C++ objects. Therefore, these restrictions for DllMain also apply to constructors and destructors and any code that is called from them.
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EF provides support for a number of different databases in addition to SQL Server, such as Oracle, MySQL, SQLAnywhere, and, recently, Synergex s Synergy and a few more. EF contains its own query language and mechanisms that provide you with a consistent query mechanism that can be used across many different data sources. EF doesn t care whether your database uses T-SQL or PL/SQL querying is the same.
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Valid Explicit Reference Conversions
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Class Declaration
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The WS-Secure Conversation specification provides a token-based, session-oriented, ondemand, secure channel for communication between a Web service and client. WS-Secure Conversation is analogous to the SSL protocol that secures communication over HTTP .
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Creating the Server
While the current implementation of indexing allows you to do a great deal of optimization, you can add even more optimization if you want to put forth the effort to do so. The model for indexing, as illustrated in Figure 14-4, is designed to support the provision of your own indexing mechanism, if you wish to extend the indexing capabilities of CSLA .NET.
Summary of Signature Validity Rules
The Roles table will store the list of possible roles a resource can fill when assigned to a project it simply contains an Id value and the name of the role. Figure 6-18 shows the VS .NET designer with these columns added, and the Id column configured as the primary key.
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