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The code in Listing 2-9 synthesizes the highScores and rootViewController properties declared in Listing 2-8, and modifies the applicationDidFinishLaunching: message, by calling the message getHighScores as the last step in the application s launch. Now that you have modified the RootViewController and ViewHighScoresAppDelegate source code, you must make some connections in Interface Builder.
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Understanding Dehydration and Persistence Points
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Understanding the Application Architecture
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Figure 1-4. Compilation to native code occurs at run time Once the CIL is compiled to native code, the CLR manages it as it runs, performing such tasks as releasing orphaned memory, checking array bounds, checking parameter types, and managing exceptions. This brings up two important terms: Managed code: Code written for the .NET Framework is called managed code, and needs the CLR. Unmanaged code: Code that does not run under the control of the CLR, such as Win32 C/C++ DLLs, is called unmanaged code. Microsoft also supplies a tool called the Native Image Generator, or Ngen, which takes an assembly and produces native code for the current processor. Code that has been run through Ngen avoids the JIT compilation process at run time.
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Game developers are, in essence, a bridge between the human imagination and the implementation. We accumulate ideas that spring from our imaginations and organize them into a viable interactive medium the game, which we hope people will want to play. We call the initial phase of game development the Blue Sky phase. In this phase, there are no limits and no rules; we are free to allow the concept of a game, or the game vision, to take shape. This is the time to let your imagination soar. The Blue Sky phase is the one and only time during the life of your project when you get to let go and be free with your dreams. Indulge yourself. Focus on the purpose of your game and the targeted end user. Imagine the features and options. Lay out the potential control systems. Interview experts on subjects related to your game, to get ideas on how to enhance the realism of game play. Make a rough sketch of the elements of your game, such as characters, weapons, levels, and so on. Try to breathe life into your design, remembering that there will be a human on the other end of your final product. Once you have completed the Blue Sky phase, it s time to take the ideal, the dream, the imagined, and introduce it to the sometimes harsh and cruel real world. If what you have put together at this stage has merit and is technically feasible, your concept will survive. Make no mistake about it, the end result will almost never be identical to the original concept. Sometimes, it may be less than what you had imagined, due to the ever-present and neverceasing forces of time and budget that chip away at the ideal. However, more often than not, your initial concept will metamorphose into a powerful source of inspiration and collaborative effort for all involved in the project. In the end, it is all about the people who will be using the product. The audience must be captivated, but at the same time, delivered an easy-to-use, well-polished title. The aesthetics of the game are important, but the functionality is equally critical. The app must perform flawlessly, or your judges will call you out. From rough sketch to final product, the end users must always be kept in mind. They are the ones who decide whether your app will fall into obscurity or you actually have a marketable title.
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The FIX attribute is another method available to us. If we use this, the input data must appear in fixedlength records. Each record will be exactly the same number of bytes as any other record in the input data set. When using positional data, the use of the FIX attribute is especially valid. These files are typically fixed-length input files to begin with. When using free-form delimited data, it is less likely that we will have a fixed-length file, as these files are generally of varying length (this is the entire point of delimited files: to make each line only as big as it needs to be). When using the FIX attribute, we must use an INFILE clause, as this is an option to the INFILE clause. Additionally, the data must be stored externally, not in the control file itself, using this option. So, assuming we have fixed-length input records, we can use a control file such as this: LOAD DATA INFILE demo.dat "fix 80" INTO TABLE DEPT REPLACE FIELDS TERMINATED BY "," TRAILING NULLCOLS (DEPTNO, DNAME "upper(:dname)", LOC "upper(:loc)", COMMENTS )
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