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The MouseLeftButtonDown event is fired when you click your left mouse button on an object. This seems pretty straightforward, but there is a catch: if you were to listen for the MouseLeftButtonDown event on your Button, you would not get any results, because a Button control has a Click event. So, you may be asking, why would you want to use a MouseLeftButtonDown event on a Button Good question; the simple answer is you wouldn t because the MouseLeftButtonDown event is primarily used for controls that do not have a Click event such a Grid. That being said, let s create an event for a MouseLeftButtonDown event on the application s main Grid named LayoutRoot. An event like this would be useful in an application such as one that draws when the mouse is down and stops when the mouse is up. In this case we would need to know when both events take place.
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Figure 9-20. The parsed product file
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This chapter covers Windows Azure integration using Windows Communication Foundation. Exercise 4-1: Presents an example of how to build a cloud service to host WCF services.
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Mapping is a huge part of the new Windows Live Local web application, which you can use to look at what services are available at a particular location and have them all mapped out for you. Figure 10-1 shows an example of this; you can see that the context of this map is Seattle, Washington; the image is zoomed in to the famous Pike Place Market; and the search term is coffee. If you look at Figure 10-1, you ll see that two text boxes appear at the top of the page. You use the one on the right to set your current map context by searching for a location. So, for example, you could search for Pike Street, Seattle, WA. You use the text box on the left to search for the services you are interested in, such as coffee or soccer. The search results appear in the left pane, and their numbered icons appear on the map. These icons are called pushpins, and you ll see how to implement them in the Using Pushpins section, as well as how to use the same mapping libraries for your own applications. Atlas incorporates mapping functionality via the script library called AtlasUIMap. This .NET\ script library installs with Atlas; you can find it in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft ASP Atlas\v2.0.50727\Atlas\ScriptLibrary directory. Previous releases of Atlas prior to the Go Live license version issued in 2006 as the March Community Technology Preview (CTP) included the scripts in your Visual Studio 2005 solution, so you would be able to find them there. If you cannot see them in your solution file, you ll be able to find them in the aforementioned directory.
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Content or layout controls allow you to easily place content into your applications. You have gone through each of the major layout elements and actually created them with hands-on exercises. You also learned that each layout element has its own special ability:
Also, protection can t be changed in a shared workbook, so you can t run macros that unprotect the worksheet, make changes, and then reprotect the worksheet. Will Users Enable Macros in Your Workbook If your pivot table requires macros for some functionality, will users have the ability to enable macros In some environments, they may not be able to use macros. Will that have a serious impact on the value of your pivot table
In the object factory model, the data portal leaves all those details to the factory object, which is created by the business developer. The result is that the business developer has a lot of flexibility but assumes a lot more responsibility. If the business developer doesn t properly manage the business object s state, other areas of CSLA .NET (such as data binding or n-level undo) may not function correctly. I discuss the details around object factories in s 4 and 5 and the underlying implementation in 15.
Placing the condition and each return expression on separate lines, as in the following code, makes the intent very easy to understand. intVar = x < y 5 : 10 ;
// wait for input before exiting System.Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); System.Console.ReadLine(); } } In the example, the Listing_11 class accesses the public static field by calling Product.ProductCategory, that is, the name of the class, followed by a period, followed by the name of the field. Once again, though, let me say that you should use a public static property in preference to a public static field.
Attributes, like other classes, have constructors. Every attribute must have at least one public constructor. As with other classes, if you don t declare a constructor, the compiler will produce an implicit, public, parameterless constructor for you. Attribute constructors, like other constructors, can be overloaded. When declaring the constructor, you must use the full class name, including the suffix. You can use the shortened name only when applying an attribute.
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