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Figure 3-6. FirstState activity with While activity inside
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I know you re really reading this and learning how to write an iPhone game only so that you can get your own brilliant game design created. So, Space Hike has been written to keep out of your way and let you see how an iPhone game works, without lots of its own complex game logic getting in your way. However, just so you can see what it s doing and pick up a few tricks that might help you write Grand Rainbow Fallout Theft 4 for the iPhone, here s a description of the basic game logic for Space Hike.
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Abstract Classes
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Impact on the Data Access Layer
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Design patterns are loosely described as time-tested, established solutions to recurring design problems. Formal design patterns are highly structured and follow strict templates. The design patterns that are presented in this book do not follow this rigorous format, but they are in keeping with the spirit of design patterns because they factor in industry-accepted practices for approaching recurring design problems.
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In C#, you can use any number of markers and any number of values. The values can be used in any order. The values can be substituted any number of times in the format string.
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In the following sections, you will learn how to draw one bitmap on another using different methods and techniques.
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int main() { IntPtr ptr = NativeLib::CreateObject(); int result = NativeLib::F( ptr, 50 ); Console::WriteLine( "Return value: {0} ", result ); NativeLib::DeleteObject( ptr ); } The output of Listing 13-9 is shown here: class NativeClass *__cdecl NativeClass::CreateObject(void) int __thiscall NativeClass::F(int) Return value: 51 void __cdecl NativeClass::DeleteObject(class NativeClass *)
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Employing the use case diagram in Figure 4-1 as a basis for an architecture, note there are three distinguishing features in the architecture defined as follows: 1. Individual uses cases must be interchangeable. 2. Uses case can be chained together. 3. The generated output of one use case is the input for another use case. The three distinguishing features are converted into an architecture by considering the uses cases as components derived from a common interface that are assembled into a linked list. In class diagram terms, the resulting architecture would resemble Figure 4-2.
The primary base classes intended for use by business developers go into the Csla namespace itself. They are named as follows: Csla.BusinessBase(Of T) Csla.BusinessListBase(Of T, C) Csla.ReadOnlyBase(Of T) Csla.ReadOnlyListBase(Of T, C) Csla.NameValueListBase(Of K, V) Csla.CommandBase The rest of the classes and types in the framework are organized into the remaining namespaces based on their purpose. You ll see how they all fit and are implemented in s 6 through 16. The end result is that a typical business developer can simply use the Csla namespace as follows: Imports Csla All they ll see are the classes intended for use during business development. All the other classes and concepts within the framework are located in other namespaces and therefore won t appear in IntelliSense by default, unless the developer specifically imports those namespaces.
eye. Read the section in 9 on workflow processing. You ll be glad you did.
<protection> <request signatureOptions="IncludeAddressing, IncludeTimestamp, IncludeSoapBody" encryptBody="true" /> <response signatureOptions="IncludeAddressing, IncludeTimestamp, IncludeSoapBody" encryptBody="true" /> <fault signatureOptions="IncludeAddressing, IncludeTimestamp, IncludeSoapBody" encryptBody="false" /> </protection> </mutualCertificate11Security> <requireActionHeader /> </policy> In this policy file you can see that the WSE 3.0 security wizard identifies our scenario as falling within the MutualCertificate11Security assertion. If you look closer at these elements you will see that each one of your decisions is reflected here and you can make changes manually if required. To demonstrate how easy it is to make changes, we are going to add an authorization section to this policy. The authorization rules will only grant access to those clients that are authenticated using the WSE2QuickStartClient certificate. Copy these lines of code under the start of the Policy tag in the policy file: <authorization> <allow user="CN=WSE2QuickStartClient"/> <deny user="*"/> </authorization> The last step before we move to the client project is to apply this policy to the service. You can do this by finding the place in the StockTrader class where you applied the UsernamePolicy and modify the policy name to say MutualCertificatePolicy. After this change, the class definition should look like the following: [Policy("MutualCertificatePolicy")] public class StockTrader : StockTraderStub
The Solution
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Figure 5-6. ApplyAuthorization property added to textBox1
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