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Lock (LCK0) process: This process is very similar in functionality to the LMD process described earlier, but it handles requests for all global resources other than database block buffers.
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Figure 6-2. Assembly Information dialog box
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23.8 mbytes redo insert into encrypted select * from stage 225 cpu hsecs 23.8 mbytes redo PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. As you can see, there was hardly any impact on the CPU utilization and no impact on redo generated as a result of this. Since our work was primarily done in the buffer cache, we didn t have to wait for physical IOs to take place, so we didn t see a measurable difference between the two. What if we introduce a direct path load, however, bypassing the buffer cache and writing directly to disk It would look like this: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> begin 2 do_sql( "insert /*+ APPEND */ into #TNAME# select * from stage", "nonencrypted" ); 3 do_sql( "insert /*+ APPEND */ into #TNAME# select * from stage", "encrypted" ); 4 end; 5 / insert /*+ APPEND */ into nonencrypted select * from stage 135 cpu hsecs 15.9 mbytes redo insert /*+ APPEND */ into encrypted select * from stage 184 cpu hsecs 15.9 mbytes redo PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. Here we noticed a small but noticeable increase in CPU utilization nothing on the order of the do it yourself encryption or even the column level encryption, however. Remember, your mileage may vary widely; it will be very specific to your hardware capabilities. Now we d like to see single row (slow by slow) insert performance. Using a simple for loop, we can see: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> declare 2 l_sql long := 3 "begin " || 4 "for x in (select * from stage) " || 5 "loop " || 6 "insert into #TNAME# values X; " || 7 "end loop; " || 8 "end; "; 9 begin 10 do_sql( l_sql, "nonencrypted" ); 11 do_sql( l_sql, "encrypted" ); 12 end; 13 / begin for x in (select * from stage) loop insert into nonencrypted values X; end loop; end; 951 cpu hsecs 40.0 mbytes redo begin for x in (select * from stage) loop insert into
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Figure 3-25. The ToolTipService class example The XAML for the first button looks like this:
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Listing 2-2. The Configuration File DevelopmentStorage.exe.config <developmentStorageConfig> <services> <service name="Blob" url=""/> <service name="Queue" url=""/>
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The setRequestHeader method takes two parameters: a string for the header and a string for the value. It sets the specified HTTP header value with the supplied string.
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Selection Keywords Iterator Keywords Jump Keywords Exception Handling Keywords Arithmetic Overflow Keywords Synchronization Keywords Parameter Keywords Namespace Keywords Literal Keywords Object Keywords LINQ Keywords
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To write in-line IronRuby code you need to add the following script tag with the appropriate type and class information, and place the IronRuby code within the tag. <script type="application/ruby" class="Class Name Goes Here"> IronRuby Code Goes Here </script> To write in-line IronPython code, you need to add the following script tag with the appropriate type and class information and place the IronPython code within the tag. <script type="application/python" class="Class Name Goes Here"> IronPython Code Goes Here </script> You can also use text/ruby or text/python script type instead of application/ruby or application/python respectively.
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Understanding Deferred Execution
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