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Testing the Program
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short, ushort, int, uint, long, and ulong, for example, public enum MyEnum: byte {A, B, C};. Without the indication of a type, an enumeration is based on a 32-bit signed integer (int). Depending on underlying type, 1 to 8 bytes are serialized.
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Listing 9-1. Updated Configurations for Exercise 2-2 < xml version="1.0" > <ServiceConfiguration serviceName="CloudTableStorageService" xmlns=""> <Role name="WebRole"> <Instances count="1"/> <ConfigurationSettings> <!--Local Development--> <!--Setting name="AccountName" value="devstoreaccount1"/> <Setting name="AccountSharedKey" value="<SHARED_KEY"/> <Setting name="TableStorageEndpoint" value=""/--> <!--Production Environment--> <Setting name="AccountName" value="softnetsolutionstorage"/>
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encloser. In ILAsm, however, the only way to define a nested class is to declare it within the encloser s lexical scope, which means you could not violate this validity rule in ILAsm even if you tried.
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Listing 3-7. Using NetworkInterface
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Read-only. Returns the unique identifier for the workflow that owns the current task.
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Digital rights management (DRM) for media streaming enables protected distribution of digital media. Silverlight DRM for media streaming enables Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) based encryption or Windows Media DRM of media files and allows protected distribution of digital media. Silverlight 4 also introduced support for offline DRM, powered by PlayReady for OOB applications, to deliver media content in offline mode in a more protected and managed environment.
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One last thing to keep in mind is that just because a specification is absent from WSE does not mean that you cannot implement it yourself using custom code. The .NET Framework gives you support classes for working with XML, SOAP and Web services, namely most of the , core Web services technologies. In a sense, WSE provides you convenience, which you would like to have but can also live without if you have to. Developers already have a natural instinct to be self-motivated and to build custom solutions when nothing else is readily available. We are not advocating that you find your own way to implement something that should be standard. In the absence of a canned solution, you still have the tools to build a credible alternative solution yourself. However, be prepared for considerable complexity! In general, this book will remain focused on implementing solutions using the WSE support classes. But at times, we will show you ways to make up for deficiencies in WSE so that you can remain true to the spirit of the specification while using additional support
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Analyzing the Context
If you need more information about creating UIs for your iPhone apps, refer to a book like Beginning iPhone Development (Apress, 2008) or any of the tutorials available on the various iPhone development blogs. Go through at least two tutorials that create and connect some UI elements in Interface Builder before continuing here.
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