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Implement ECC200 in Objective-C LOCKING AND LATCHING

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Serialization Has Issues!
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If the exception was raised in a section of code that was not guarded by a try statement, or if the try statement did not have a matching exception handler the system will have to look further for a matching handler. It will do this by searching down the call stack, in sequence, to see whether there is an enclosing try block with a matching handler. Figure 11-7 illustrates the search process. On the left of the figure is the calling structure of the code, and on the right is the call stack. The figure shows that Method2 is called from inside the try block of Method1. If an exception occurs inside the try block of Method2, the system performs the following steps: First, the system checks to see whether Method2 was called from an enclosing try statement. If so, Method2 s catch clauses are checked to see whether any of them match the exception. If not, the system continues down the call stack to Method1, searching for an appropriate handler. If Method1 has an appropriate catch clause The system goes back to the top of the call stack which is Method2. The system executes Method2 s finally block, and pops Method2 off the stack. It then executes Method1 s catch clause and its finally block. If Method1 does not have an appropriate catch clause, it will continue searching down the call stack.
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Listing 29-23. Changing the Name of an Element using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Xml.Linq;
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Figure 11-17. Notification window showing the total number of images in the selected folder in treeDir TreeView
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