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Event Name
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Pre-increment ++Var Post-increment
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The following are examples of conditional compilation conditions: Expression #if !DemoVersion ... #endif
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Meaning in Life
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Compiling a query improves the performance because the query doesn t have to be analyzed and translated into SQL each time. You can specify up to 16 parameters in a compiled query, but note that you cannot project anonymous types in the select clause (this is because you are using a Func and anonymous types cannot be passed as method parameters). Compiling a LINQ expression like this doesn t create a stored procedure on the server. This is strictly an optimization in the client program. See the Querying Stored Procedures section for an alternative optimization that is server-based.
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Figure 3-10. Storage of data as part of a reference type
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Getting Started with the Emulator
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Instance Class Members
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Figure 2-20. UML sequence diagram for the updating of a business object
Meaning in Life
There are three areas in which exception handling for your JDBC code has improved with the changes in JDBC 4.0. First off, you can use the Java 5 enhanced for loop to easily iterate through the cause of an exception. Secondly, there are new constructors for SQLException to pass in the underlying reason for the SQLException. And, lastly, there are many new subclasses of SQLException for cleaner handling of exceptions with their own catch clauses.
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