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ValidationRules.AddRule(AddressOf StartDateGTEndDate, "Started") ValidationRules.AddRule(AddressOf StartDateGTEndDate, "Ended") As you ll see, this custom rule compares the two date values to ensure that the project doesn t end before it begins.
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You may have already heard about partial classes. This feature gives you the capability to split a single class file across more than one physical file. Version 1.x provided support for including more than one class in a single file, but there was no way to tell the compiler that a single class spans several files. Partial classes do just this.
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The XNA Framework comes with a content importer capable of turning the XML file into an object of the class defined in the XML file. Because the object is already finished at this point, you don t need a processor, and the object can immediately be serialized into a binary file. In this case, the object is of the custom MapData class, so you ll have to define a custom TypeWriter and TypeReader because this is a custom class.
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ExecutionLocation Property
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No Processing
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When the query does not return an identity projection, the CslaQueryProvider still needs to return the expected result. Also, non-identity projections still should be able to take advantage of the indexing features of CSLA .NET. In such cases, control of the query, outside of handling for the Where() method, is passed to the default implementation provided in LINQ to Objects.
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Figure 6-1. The anatomy of a simple class All classes require the class keyword, and immediately after the keyword is the name, or identifier, of the class. You can call your class anything you like, but the convention is to name it after the category of objects that the class represents. For example, if our class represents the products we have in a warehouse, we might use the name Product or WarehouseProduct. In C#, class names are usually given Pascal case, where words are concatenated and the first letter of each word is capitalized. The class in the example is called VolvoC30. Immediately before the class keyword is the modifier; in this example, the modifier is the public keyword, which is an example of an access modifier. Modifiers are optional and a class can have zero, one, or multiple modifiers. Modifiers are explained in the Using Class Modifiers section later in this chapter.
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Business objects are different from regular objects only in terms of what they represent.
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