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Using Anonymous Types
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This is one of the most highly touted reasons for using shared server: it reduces the amount of required memory. It does, but not as significantly as you might think, especially given the new automatic PGA memory management discussed in 4, Memory Structures, where work areas are allocated to a process, used, and released and their size varies based on the concurrent workload. So, this was a fact that was truer in older releases of Oracle but is not as meaningful today. Also, remember that when you use shared server, the UGA is located in the SGA. This means that when switching over to shared server, you must be able to accurately determine your expected UGA memory needs and allocate appropriately in the SGA via the LARGE_POOL_SIZE parameter. The SGA requirements for the shared server configuration are typically very large. This memory must typically be preallocated and thus can only be used by the database instance.
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Pause Until Date Send an Email
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Error: Literal field must be Static. Error: Item (field,method) is marked RTSpecialName but not SpecialName. Error: Abstract method in non-abstract type (token=0xffffffff). Error: Neither static nor abstract method in interface (token=0xffffffff). Error: Non-public method in interface (token=0xffffffff). Error: Instance constructor in interface (token=0xffffffff). Error: Global constructor. Error: Static instance constructor in type (token=0xffffffff). Error: Constructor/initializer in type (token=0xffffffff) is not marked SpecialName,RTSpecialName. Error: Virtual constructor/initializer in type (token=0xffffffff). Error: Abstract constructor/initializer in type (token=0xffffffff). Error: Non-static type initializer in type (token=0xffffffff). Error: Method marked Abstract/Runtime/InternalCall/Imported must have zero RVA, and vice versa. Error: Method marked Final/NewSlot but not Virtual. Error: Static method can not be Final or Virtual. Error: Method can not be both Abstract and Final. Error: Abstract method marked ForwardRef. Error: Abstract method marked PInvokeImpl. Error: Abstract method not marked Virtual. Error: Nonabstract method not marked ForwardRef. Error: Nonabstract method must have RVA or be PInvokeImpl or Runtime. Error: PrivateScope method has zero RVA. Error: Global method marked Abstract,Virtual. Error: Signature contains long form (such as ELEMENT_TYPE_CLASS<token of System.String>). Warning: Method has multiple semantics. Error: Method has invalid semantic association (token=0xffffffff). Error: Method has semantic association (token=0xffffffff) that does not exist. Error: MethodImpl overrides non-virtual method (token=0xffffffff). Error: Method has multiple semantic flags set for association (token=0xffffffff). Error: Method has no semantic flags set for association (token=0xffffffff). Warning: Unrecognized Hash Algorithm ID (0xffffffff). Error: Constant parent token (0xffffffff) is out of range. Error: Invalid Assembly flags (0xffff). Warning: TypeDef (token=0xffffffff) has same name as TypeRef. Error: InterfaceImpl has invalid implementing type (0xffffffff). Error: InterfaceImpl has invalid implemented type (0xffffffff).
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As another example, the following code sends three literal strings to the program s console window: System.Console.Write ("This is text1."); System.Console.Write ("This is text2."); System.Console.Write ("This is text3."); This code produces the output that follows. Notice that Write does not append a newline character after the string, so the output of the three statements runs together on a single line. This is text1.This is text2.This is text3. First Second Third statement statement statement how to read barcode code39
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Used for local computation inside a function member Members of a class Members of a struct Used for passing values into and out of a method Members of an array
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When defining and populating an array in a single statement, the size of the array is inferred by the number of items you have supplied in the list. There are a couple of variations of the syntax you can use, which are shown in Listing 13-6. Listing 13-6. Using Array Initializers using System; namespace Listing 06 { class Listing 06 { static void Main(string[] args) {
Listing 3-4. Implementing a CookieHandler for Java 5
Use the Epsilon property.
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