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Inheritance in a Software-Engineering Context
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Example of a Static Field
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WMV3: Windows Media Video (WMV) 9 WMVA: Windows Media Video Advanced Profile, non-VC-1 WVC1: Windows Media Video Advanced Profile, VC-1 H264 (ITU-T H.264 / ISO MPEG-4 AVC): H.264 and MP43 codecs. PlayReady DRM with MP4 (H264 and AAC-LC) Audio: WAV Microsoft Windows Media Audio v7, v8 and v9.x Standard (WMA Standard) Microsoft Windows Media Audio v9.x and v10 Professional (WMA Professional) ISO MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3) ISO Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
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Figure 1-4. Physical view of the deployed system leveraging Component Services One of the trade-offs of this approach is the decreased efficiency of the load balancing algorithm. However, the load of this site is easily handled by the two web servers, and there could be a third in the mix, for failover support, should one of the servers crash. So under normal operations, with three servers handling the traffic, they don t even break a sweat. The loss in efficiency of the load balancing algorithm doesn t sacrifice acceptable application performance. The other trade-off with this approach is that it makes the user-specific session information prone to being lost when there s a failure. Obviously if a server crashes, the session information from that machine will be lost. It will also be lost when the process hosting the application is recycled. This is done automatically by the ASP .NET Framework when the memory consumed by an application exceeds a predefined threshold. This threshold can be controlled via configuration. Session information will also be lost when a new version of the application is deployed, even if it s just a configuration file change or a hotfix to an ASPX page. The design of the application has to anticipate this, and it must be accounted for in the design of how session information will be used. Managing this without introducing the possibility of your users losing work (even if it s a shopping cart) can be very difficult. Keep in mind that within the logical layers of the application tiers, it s still a good idea to design as if the layers are going to be deployed to separate physical tiers. This allows the system to be distributed across physical tiers if it becomes desirable to do so at a later date. For example, a Windows Form interface could be added to the application we just described, and leverage the business service layer of the application using Web Services, while the web interface could leverage the same services in-process (see Figure 1-5).
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Influence of Current Trends
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Array Literals
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This subproperty is the name of the method that the While activity uses to determine whether it is finished processing. We ll add the code to this in a bit.
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Figure 5-10. Data source options presented to the developer by Visual Studio
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The iPod touch really opens up the possibility for two-player gaming. In this example, we are playing checkers against one another, using the iPod touch as a game board. You can find similar two-person gaming apps for other board games, such as chess or checkers.
Some non-English alphabet characters can be quite complex (think Chinese glyphs), and when rendered at smaller sizes can appear very blurry using vector transformations. WPF now uses bitmaps for smaller text size (if available) which can result in crisper text. Microsoft say this feature is supported for the following languages and fonts such as: Japanese (MS Gothic) Korean (Gulium) Korean (Batang) Traditional Chinese (MingLiu) Simplified Chinese (SimSun)
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