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The Bezier curve modeling the car in Figure 10-13 used the control points (0.9,0.25) (0.1,0.75). The code in this chapter with the name SplineDemo includes a plot of the Bezier curve, along with our famous rectangle moving in a straight line (on top of a line that marks the full path of the rectangle). Figure 10-14 shows the curve and the rectangle in its starting position. You can divide this Bezier curve into two regions: the first curvy segment (from x = 0 to x = 0.5) and the second curvy segment (from x = 0.5 to x = 1). The first segment starts out with a subtle curve that corresponds to a slowly increasing rate of movement (it s not quite straight along a diagonal, so the rate is not constant). After the bend, the curve is quite steep up to the center point, corresponding to a fast rate of change. The second curvy segment is the mirror opposite of this: the movement continues quickly and suddenly starts slowing down before coming to a complete stop (when the final value of the property is reached).
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The automatic creation of the default constructor reduces code clutter in classes that don t require initialization. There are times when you will want to explicitly define the default constructor. The most obvious is that you want to include code statements to initialize your class, most often to assign initial values to properties and fields. You will also want to explicitly add the default constructor to change the access modifier (default constructors are always created with the public modifier) or control which constructor is called in the base class (see the Calling Base Class Constructors section).
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The TabControl provides one event, SelectionChanged (event args class: SelectionChangedEventArgs). The TabControl consists of TabItems, each with a Header property that is used to set the tab label and a Content property used to set the contents of the specific tab page. Figure 3-10 shows a TabControl with three tabs.
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The following code illustrates how to use an iterator to create an enumerable class. MyClass uses iterator method BlackAndWhite to produce an enumerator for the class. MyClass also implements method GetEnumerator, which in turn calls BlackAndWhite, and returns the enumerator that BlackAndWhite returns to it. Notice that in Main, you can use an instance of the class directly in the foreach statement since the class is enumerable.
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The conditional operator is a powerful and succinct way of returning one of two values, based on the result of a condition. The operator is shown is Table 8-15. The conditional operator is ternary. Table 8-15. The Conditional Operator
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Private Default Constructor
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The business classes implemented here follow the object-oriented design created in 6. That chapter identified not only the classes to be created, but also which CSLA .NET base classes each one will subclass. I ll walk through the first few classes in detail. The other classes will be very similar, so for those, I ll discuss only the key features. Of course, the complete code for all classes is available in the code download for the book.
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The operations to add, get, and remove items from a LinkedList<T> are based around accessing the first and last items in the chain. Table 19-12 describes the members of the LinkedList<T> class that you can use to access or modify the data.
This chapter introduced the main concepts behind service-oriented architecture (SOA), which refers to distributed applications based on Web services technology. I defined what a Web service actually is, within the context of SOA, and reviewed the main aspects of SOA architecture. I briefly introduced the WS-I Basic Profile, the WS-Specifications, and Web Services Enhancements (WSE), all of which are covered in detail in the second half of the book starting with 5.
In Silverlight, the System.Windows.Media.Animation.Timeline class represents a timeline and forms the base class for the various types of animations (shown in Figure 10-1). The two types of animation Silverlight provides are from/to/by and keyframe. From/to/by animations make it easy to specify the start and end values for a property. Keyframe animations, however, provide much more control because each keyframe specifies a property s value at a specific time. All animations happen over a length of time. The base Timeline class provides time-related behavior to inheritors, featuring a number of properties controlling duration, repeat behavior, and the speed at which time elapses.
ResizableControl Extender
Business rules are defined by a specific method signature as declared in the RuleHandler delegate: Public Delegate Function RuleHandler( _ ByVal target As Object, ByVal e RuleArgs) As Boolean Each business object contains an instance of the ValidationRules object, which in turn maintains a list of rules for each property in the business object. Within ValidationRules, there is an optimized data structure that is used to efficiently store and access a list of rules for each property. This allows the business object to request that validation rules for a specific property be executed; or that all rules for all properties be executed. Each rule method returns a Boolean value to indicate whether the rule was satisfied. If a rule is broken, it returns False. A RuleArgs object is passed to each rule method. This object includes a Description property that the rule can set to describe the nature of a broken rule. As ValidationRules executes each rule method, it watches for a response. When it gets a negative response, it adds an item to the BrokenRulesCollection for the business object. On the other hand, a positive response causes removal of any corresponding item in BrokenRulesCollection. Finally, there s the ValidationException class. A ValidationException is not thrown when a rule is broken, since the broken rule is already recorded in BrokenRulesCollection. Instead, ValidationException is thrown by BusinessBase itself in the case that there s an attempt to save the object to the database when it s in an invalid state.
namespace provides a standardized way to access this information, and it is used by the UI controls discussed in 10.
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