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Develop Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C LOCKING AND LATCHING

Note The dbms_xplan.display_cursor call is available from Oracle version 10g onward. In 9i,
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Creating a Custom Principal Class codes barcode generator
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Introducing the WS-Specifications
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You can also set up your animation using Atlas Script. In this case, you create an abstract animation control in Atlas Script and tie that control to the area you want to animate. Then you can, for example, attach an action to a button that triggers the animation. Considering the previous example, the markup for the Fade-In button will look like this: <input id="btnFadeIn" type="button" value="Fade-In" /> The important thing to note is its ID, which is btnFadeIn. This is what you will use to reference it in Atlas Script. Next, you create the animation control. Within your Atlas Script controls declaration, you will have markup like this: <fadeAnimation id="thefadeAnimation" target="Description" effect="FadeIn" /> The FadeAnimation controls description uses the attributes shown in Table 9-1. Table 9-1. FadeAnimation Attributes
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The Solution
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Meaning in Life
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s Note
1. In Visual Studio 2005, bring up the 12Demo orchestration, if it s not already visible. 2. From the toolbox, drag a Call Rules shape to the designer, dropping it between the ReceiveCustomer block and the SendCustomer block, as shown in Figure 12-24. As the red exclamation point indicates, you need to do some configuration.
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