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Property accessors are not limited to just passing values back and forth from an associated backing field; the get and set accessors can perform any, or no, computations. The only action required is that the get accessor return a value of the property type. For instance, the following example shows a valid (but probably useless) property that just returns the value 5 when its get accessor is called. When the set accessor is called, it doesn t do anything. The value of implicit parameter value is ignored. public int Useless { set{ /* I'm not setting anything. get{ /* I'm just returning the value 5. return 5; } }
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If you cancel the dialog box, the initial Click event of the Submit button will be discarded. However, if you click OK, the Click event is accepted, and the click-event method is invoked. The click-event method displays a confirmation message in the Label control as shown in Figure 7-17.
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Add activities from the Toolbox Set properties on activities in the Properties window Write code in event handlers and other standard Visual Studio constructs Configure our deployment with two XML files Deploy our workflow as a feature Test our workflow through the browser If you think that list looks like most of what we ve covered in the last 20-something pages, you re absolutely right. The majority of the mechanics of building a state machine are identical to the process we covered for a sequential workflow, or nearly enough so as to not matter. There are a few differences in the Designer that impact how we add and configure our activities, but they are not that significant. The only thing that is significantly different is the model or paradigm we follow for our workflow process and the impact that has on how our workflow is built. Let s go through a quick refresher on state machines so we all start from the same place. Essentially, a state machine is based on the concept of conditions ( states ) and transitions. A condition is a set of circumstances that indicate the current status or situation of the process being modeled. Events occur and cause a transition from one condition to another. Unlike sequential workflows, there is no defined path through the workflow. Instead, the path taken by the workflow is determined by the events that occur as the workflow is processing. A state machine can only be in one condition at a time. State machines are good at modeling both complex processes as well as simpler process. They excel at modeling nondeterministic processes that is, processes that do not have a prescribed path that is known at design time. Finally, due to their nature and the inherent event-driven paradigm, state machines are naturally suited to modeling processes that progress based on the occurrence of a trappable event from a collection of events known and planned for at design time.
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The Code
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CHAPTER 14: Email on Your iPod touch
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When linking to custom subtotals at the bottom of a group, the automatically generated GetPivotData formulas return a #REF! error. This is a bug that has existed in Excel for several versions, but the formula can be easily corrected. To fix the formula so it calculates correctly, remove the Data, from the formula. The corrected formula for this example is =GETPIVOTDATA($A$3,"Category[Bars;Average]")
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Create the Web Service Client
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Console.WriteLine("--- Left-shift Operator ---"); Console.WriteLine("Before: {0} ({1})", ConvertToBinary(b), b); Console.WriteLine("After: {0} ({1})", ConvertToBinary(result), result); b = 60; // right shift three places result = b >> 3; // show the before and after values Console.WriteLine("\n--- Right-shift Operator ---"); Console.WriteLine("Before: {0} ({1})", ConvertToBinary(b), b); Console.WriteLine("After: {0} ({1})", ConvertToBinary(result), result); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } private static string ConvertToBinary(int value) { return String.Format("{0:00000000}", int.Parse(Convert.ToString(value, 2))); } } The code in Listing 5-21 shifts a value two places to the left and shifts another value three places to the right. Compiling and running the code in Listing 5-21 produces the following results: --- Left-shift Operator --Before: 00001111 (15) After: 00111100 (60) --- Right-shift Operator --Before: 00111100 (60) After: 00000111 (7) Press enter to finish You can see that when I shift to the left, all of the 1s in the binary string are moved two places to the left. This has the effect of changing the value that is represented from 15 to 60 (see Figure 5-1 for details of why). Notice that two new zeros have been put in to the rightmost positions. When I shift three places to the right, the bits are moved in the opposite direction notice that one of the 1s is shifted out of the byte entirely. When this happens, the 1 value is gone for good; shifting back to the left doesn t restore it. Notice also that when a value is shifted out, it doesn t reappear on the other side (as though the values were in a loop); the positions are always filled with 0 values.
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NOTE: The categories listed are fluid and change over time, so it is possible that the categories you see will have changed by the time this book finds its way into your hands.
The previous example still utilizes custom tags to perform the binding. The AJAX libraries offer an even better method by handling the itemRendered event that allows no binding tags at all. To accomplish this task, you will intercept the itemRendered event and then target the spans you want to change with the innerHTML property: 1. 2. Copy the file dataviewProgrammatic.htm and rename it as dataviewOnRendered.htm. Replace the existing script block with the following:
public class EmptyString { public static void main(String args[]) { String one = null; String two = ""; String three = "non empty"; try { System.out.println("Is null empty : " + one.isEmpty()); } catch (NullPointerException e) { System.out.println("null is null, not empty"); } System.out.println("Is empty string empty : " + two.isEmpty()); System.out.println("Is non empty string empty : " + three.isEmpty()); } }
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