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2. Next, unzip the file you just downloaded, right-click the project in Visual Studio 2010 s Solution
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Use the serialization callback attributes.
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I spent a few days thinking about what kind of application I would make. I m a big productivity and Getting Things Done (GTD) enthusiast, so I wanted to create something useful, especially to small businesses and professionals. I considered time-trackers, invoicing tools, and similar applications (most of which have since been made in one way or another). Then, I remembered my primary tool for managing projects, Basecamp, had a public API that I could use to work with their data from an iPhone application. Basecamp is a web application by 37signals, coincidentally, one of the primary speakers and organizers of SEED. 37signals has written extensively on the subject of productivity,
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Key and Value Properties and Methods
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Summary of the Metadata Validity Rules
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taps to make a complete rotation. Tapping actually worked well as an interface for this game, even though it failed for TanZen. After a few days of trial and error, Lindi and I came up with piece sizes that were big enough to allow users to position them without fingers completely covering up the pieces. These larger sizes, along with the snapping feature, allowed them to accurately place pieces 100 percent of the time. We had a complete piece manipulation interface in no time at all!
When you compile your Silverlight application, all the XAML, resources, references, and so forth get compressed into an XAML Application Package (XAP) file. The object tag has a property called Source that contains the location of the XAP file. Also note that the test page contains the following line: <script type="text/javascript" src="Silverlight.js"></script> Silverlight.js contains lots of functionality such as error handling, loading, and displaying the plug-in; routing messages to JavaScript; and upgrading the plug-in. If you want to customize how the Silverlight application is displayed, you can modify the parameters passed into Silverlight.js (or even Silverlight.js itself).
Complex Types from Stored Procedures
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