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class and the ability to load JavaScript files at runtime: By having a set of equivalent JavaScript files in different languages, you can load the one that is applicable. The ASP.NET AJAX installation package, which can be downloaded from, includes both the client-side and server-side portions. However, the AJAX Library is also offered as an independent download. The client-side portion of ASP.NET AJAX can be used independently of the server-side portion, which means you can develop AJAX applications using the Microsoft AJAX Library and host them on non-Microsoft web servers. However, it is important to note that although the AJAX Library can be used without the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions, there are aspects of the library that work in conjunction with ASP.NET 2.0 to make client-side development even easier and more productive. An example of this is the ability to leverage the ScriptManager server control to make the retrieval of the correct version of a localized JavaScript file automatic.
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What should you design into your own DBA accounts Well, each DBA account should be designed for day-to-day work, so the privileges added should suit the daily tasks at hand. The design task should not create a massive list of privileges but should include limited privileges for day-to-day tasks. Each DBA should have their own database user for accountability. Having each DBA have their own account implies that auditing must also be enabled; it must be. Auditing should be enabled for capturing connections to the database and also for the use of system privileges (all system privileges). One useful aspect of auditing system privilege use is that the audit trail can be used to help design your DBA roles. Turn on audit for a month or so and establish a list of core privileges used in your day-to-day work. This leaves the SYS account to discuss. This account is key to Oracle s operation and cannot be locked; well, the SYSDBA connection cannot be locked anyway, so locking SYS is not an option. SYS can be used, but not day-to-day as a given. Using SYS is acceptable for jobs that require the power of SYS, but it should not be necessary to use it as a general DBA account. Auditing must also be enabled to assess who is connecting as SYS and who is making SYSDBA and SYSOPER connections to the database. You must also audit who is connecting as SYSTEM. You must understand who is making privileged connections to your database in general and then assess why and stop those who should not be doing it. The other category of built-in accounts that must remain but must be protected comprises the accounts that support functionality within the database. These are hard to protect. You can lock them, but what is the point Okay, there is some benefit to locking but it is not a golden-bullet solution, and you should take this into account. Locking an account does not lock out its functionality. A lot of the security bugs reported to Oracle often involve bugs in packages owned by default or built-in schemas installed for you by Oracle. Locking these accounts does not block access to the features, so you are still vulnerable should you not patch or should there be a new bug discovered.
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SORT_IN_TEMPDB = OFF The first release of SQL Azure does not support partitions. The KEY constraint statement for all table-creation scripts needs to be removed and replaced with a separate script. For example, the original script for creating a data table generated by SQL Server Management Studio should look like Listing 8-9. The highlighted parts need to be removed and replaced with a separate KEY constraint statement as Listing 8-10 shows:
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Listing 9-1. Listing Available Scripting Engine Factories
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The ApplicationContext class is a central location from which application context information can be accessed. Some of this context comes from the application s configuration file, some from inmemory settings, and some from ambient environmental values in .NET. Table 6-3 lists the context information available through ApplicationContext.
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Generic type notation can look a little odd when you first see it. A class that is defined using generic type notation is called a generic class. To dig into the details of generic classes, I am going to jump between explaining how to define and how to use a generic class.
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Item, as I am doing in Figure 17-2.
The SPI Bus
The code snippet in Listing 5-9 shows how to configure serial communication over the first COM port with 9600 baud and without any flow control. Then, a string followed by a Windowscompatible line feed is sent over the serial port. The Write method does not have any further overload. It expects the data to be written in the form of a byte array. To write string data, you first need to convert it to a byte array. When writing a byte buffer, you also have to pass the index of the first byte in the buffer and the number of bytes to send to the Write method. Please note that the SerialPort class in the .NET Micro Framework provides no Open method and thus cannot be opened and closed explicitly. Right after creating an instance of SerialPort, you can use the serial port. When you do not need to access a COM port anymore, the Dispose method will free all resources. Listing 5-9. Sending Data to a Serial Port using using using using using System; System.Text; System.Threading; Microsoft.SPOT; Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;
Figure 5-1. The structure of a method The following example shows the form of the method header. I will cover each part in the following pages. int MyMethod ( int intpar1, string strpar1 ) Return Method Parameter type name list
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