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As final arguments, you need to define the distance between the camera and the near and far clipping planes. Because you put your camera at a distance of 10 units from the boundary of your Model, you will define your near clipping plane at a distance of 10 units from the camera. As you will define in the effect, the parts of the model at a distance of 10 units to the camera will be mapped to distance 0 and will get a completely black color in the final depth map. The distance between the near and far clipping planes must be the size of your BoundingSphere, which equals two times its radius. Matrix projectionMatrix = Matrix.CreateOrthographic(modelSphere.Radius*2, modelSphere.Radius*2, 10, 10 + modelSphere.Radius * 2); Now that you have your View and Projection matrices, you re ready to render your model: Matrix worldMatrix = Matrix.CreateTranslation(-modelSphere.Center); //draw model myModel.CopyAbsoluteBoneTransformsTo(modelTransforms); foreach (ModelMesh mesh in myModel.Meshes) { foreach (Effect currentEffect in mesh.Effects) { currentEffect.CurrentTechnique = currentEffect.Techniques["DepthMap"]; currentEffect.Parameters["worldMatrix"]. SetValue(modelTransforms[mesh.ParentBone.Index]*worldMatrix); currentEffect.Parameters["viewMatrix"].SetValue(viewMatrix); currentEffect.Parameters["projectionMatrix"].SetValue(projectionMatrix); } mesh.Draw(); } You can find the basics behind model rendering using a custom effect in recipe 4-7. The only specific code here is the World matrix, where you specify you want the center of the modelSphere to be positioned at the (0,0,0) 3D origin point.
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The Name Pointer table contains RVAs of the export names from the Export Name table. The Ordinal table contains 2-byte indexes to the Export Address table. The Name Pointer table and the Ordinal table form two parallel arrays and operate as one intermediate lookup table, rearranging the entries so that they are lexically ordered by name. When an entry is to be identified by name, the binary search is conducted in the Name Pointer table, and if it s found that the sought entry matches the name at address number N in the Name Pointer table, the ordinal of this entry is taken from element number N of the Ordinal table. By this ordinal, the address of the entry is retrieved from the Export Address table. 18 examines unmanaged export information and the details of exposing managed methods as unmanaged exports.
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struct OWPixelToFrame { float4 Color : COLOR0; };
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Occurs when the navigation to a content fragment begins. Note that the fragment portion of the URI is the text contained after the fragment marker (#). Occurs when the content that is being navigated to has been found and is available. Occurs when a new navigation is requested. Occurs when an error is encountered while navigating to the requested content. Occurs when navigation is terminated by either calling the StopLoading method, or requesting a new navigation while the current navigation is in progress.
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You ll use XML schemas quite liberally in your BizTalk development, and the Schema Editor provides an interface for quick and easy generation of those XML schemas, as shown in Figure 1-12. Don t worry if you re not sure exactly what an XML schema is. We ll be covering schemas in detail in 6. For now, you just need to know that a schema is an XML file that describes the structure of another XML file. datamatrix 2d barcode
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