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Figure 10-1. Create a new Silverlight project called InterfaceProject. When the New Silverlight Application dialog box appears, uncheck Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site and click OK, as I am about to do in Figure 10-2.
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compQstring ::= QSTRING | compQstring + QSTRING int32 ::= INT64 int64 ::= INT64 float64 ::= FLOAT64 | float32( int32 ) | float64( int64 ) bytes ::= /* EMPTY */ | hexbytes hexbytes ::= HEXBYTE | hexbytes HEXBYTE truefalse ::= true | false mdtoken ::= mdtoken ( int32 )
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RepeatBehavior Animation.RepeatBehavior This specifies how many times the timeline repeats (or if it should repeat forever) and the total length of time. SpeedRatio Double This specifies the rate of time at which the current timeline elapses relative to its parent. The default value is 1.
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The method G is a method in the R class. <summary>Counts the number of characters in two strings.</summary> <param name="s1"> Description for s1</param> <param name="s2"> Description for s2</param> <returns>The sum of the length of two strings.</returns> G(String^ s1, String^ s2){ return s1->Length + s2->Length; }
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As noted before, we designed and developed a custom tab bar and horizontal button bar controls for many of the task-specific screens in Postage. We took great care to make sure to reuse this paradigm throughout the application. The horizontal button bar may be an unfamiliar control when you first encounter it. Once you learn what to expect from it and how it interacts with the main view and the tab bar controls though, it is consistent throughout the entire application. This reduces the learning curve of our application greatly. After you arrive at the mental model you want your users to have when using your application, you will be able to choose your user interface controls and their visual styles to help support that context. In Postage, we used animation, familiar controls, and a consistency from screen to screen to develop and maintain the postcard as the focused
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This approach isn t recommended when there are large numbers of potential child objects, because the retrieval process can become too slow, but it can be very useful in cases where you can specify criteria to limit the number of objects returned. To create an editable root collection object, use a template like this: [Serializable()] class EditableRootList : BusinessListBase<EditableRootList, EditableChild> { #region Authorization Rules public static bool CanAddObject() { // TODO: customize to check user role //return ApplicationContext.User.IsInRole(""); return true; } public static bool CanGetObject() { // TODO: customize to check user role //return ApplicationContext.User.IsInRole(""); return true; } public static bool CanEditObject() { // TODO: customize to check user role //return ApplicationContext.User.IsInRole(""); return true; }
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Figure 6-1. Visa processing system workflow
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- (void)drawView { Update_Input(); Work(); [EAGLContext setCurrentContext:context]; glBindFramebufferOES(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_OES, viewFramebuffer); Draw();
If any non-serializable object handles events that are raised by a serializable object, you ll be unable to serialize the object because the .NET runtime serialization process will error out.
Data binding in .NET 2.0 is very powerful. It offers good performance with a high degree of control for the developer. Given the coding savings gained by using data binding, it s definitely a technology that needs to be supported in the business object framework.
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