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C() { Console::WriteLine(name); } void Print() { Console::WriteLine(name); } }; int main() { C^ c = gcnew C(); c->Print(); } You can use literal values (e.g., 100 or 'a'), string literals, compile-time constants, and previously defined literal fields in the initialization of literal fields. Literal fields are not static; do not use the keyword static for them. However, because they are not instance data, they may be accessed through the class like a static field, as in Listing 6-5. Listing 6-5. Accessing Literals // literal_public.cpp using namespace System; ref class C { public: literal String^ name = "Bob"; C() { Console::WriteLine(name); } void Print() { Console::WriteLine(name); } };
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You can t change the default settings for the pivot table s Values fields. If a field in the source data contains blank cells, or cells with text, it defaults to Count; otherwise, it defaults to Sum. After the Values fields are added, you can run a macro to change the summary function. The following macro changes all the Values fields in the first pivot table on the active sheet to use the Sum function. Store the code on a regular code module. Sub SumAllValueFields() Dim pt As PivotTable Dim pf As PivotField Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = ActiveSheet Set pt = ws.PivotTables(1) Application.ScreenUpdating = False
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The gcnew constraint indicates that the type parameter must have a default constructor that takes no arguments. The constraint is used if you need to use gcnew on the type parameter in the definition of the generic type. The use of gcnew on an unknown type is limited to the default constructor with no arguments. The gcnew constraint is used with an empty pair of parentheses as a reminder that only the default constructor is allowed (see Listing 11-13). Types that are used must have a public default constructor, either an implicit one (as for all value types) or an explicitly declared default constructor with public accessibility. Listing 11-13. Using the gcnew Constraint // generic_gcnew.cpp using namespace System; generic <typename T> where T: gcnew() T CreateInstance() {
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Ultimately, we realized we didn t need the tab bar on the project view at all (see Figure 4-7). This side of the application could simply be a series of hierarchical list views, with the top-tier menu consisting of just the parts of the project (messages, milestones, and to-do lists).
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Figure 4-6. Final Pipes and Filters pattern implementation that highlights three black boxes
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Although these are the suggested guidelines, many organizations use other conventions particularly in the naming of member fields, which I ll introduce in the next chapter. Two of the common conventions are the following: Begin a field name with an underscore: _highTemp, _lowTemp Begin a field name with m_: m_highTemp, m_lowTemp
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Notice that neither open standards nor interop are listed here. This is because the data portal is serializing your business objects across the network, so the only way that the data on the other end of the wire can be understood is if the data is deserialized back into your business classes. The data portal is an n-tier client/server concept, and neither interop nor XML standards on the network matter within this context.
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After giving this some consideration, though, we decided against this design for two reasons. First, having a tab bar in both states made them look too similar, even with the extra client and project labels appended on the project side. Second, we were using a tab bar button for switching between states (including the tab bar itself). This was the real deal breaker for me. Visually, tabs indicate multiple views that are quickly switched between. Using a tab to alter the overall state of the application just didn t make sense. I went back to the drawing board.
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An iterator block can contain more than one yield return statements, which means that you need not generate all your values in a single loop or as a result of a single calculation. Listing 9-58 contains a simple demonstration. Listing 9-58. Using Multiple yield return Statements in an Iterator Block using System.Collections.Generic;
Since the LINQ feature of C# 3.0 uses generic delegates extensively, it s worth showing another example before we get there. I ll cover LINQ itself, and more about its generic delegates, in 21. The following code declares a generic delegate named Func, which takes methods with two parameters and that return a value. The method return type is represented as TR, and the method parameter types are represented as T1 and T2. Delegate parameter type public delegate TR Func<T1, T2, TR>(T1 p1, T2 p2); // Generic delegate class Simple Delegate return type { static public string PrintString(int p1, int p2) // Method matches delegate { int total = p1 + p2; return total.ToString(); } } class Program { static void Main() { var myDel = // Create inst of delegate new Func<int, int, string>(Simple.PrintString); Console.WriteLine("Total: {0}", myDel(15, 13)); } } This code produces the following output: Total: 28 // Call delegate
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