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It is no surprise that Microsoft has a set of design and development tools to develop Silverlight-based RIAs. One of the noticeable enhancements with Silverlight is that Microsoft created an opportunity for enterprises to bring the developers and artists/designers together to work on Silverlight RIAs independently, but without losing the development integrity. With the set of integrated designers tools, such as Microsoft Expression Studio, and developers tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft development platform assists in a great way to develop interactive and rich Silverlight RIAs. The following is a quick summary of tools that can be used to develop Silverlight 4 and prior versions (mainly Silverlight 3) RIAs.
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Figure 6-6. Use the .NET Service Bus to Create a Direct Connection Distributed Application System
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If you have more than one email account set up, the iPod touch will use whichever account is set as the default account. (This is set in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Account at the bottom of the Mail section.) Follow these steps to change the email account you send from: 1. 2. Tap an email s From: field to highlight it. Tap the From: field again to see a list of your accounts in a scroll wheel at the bottom of the screen. Scroll up or down, and then tap a new email account to select it. Tap the Subject field to finish changing the sending email address.
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The expression following the keyword case in a switch label Must be a constant expression, and must therefore be completely evaluable by the compiler at compile time Must be of the same type as the test expression For example, Figure 9-5 shows three sample switch statements.
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namespace MyService { public partial class MyCalculatorService : ServiceBase {
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These operators as they apply to the built-in numeric types are discussed in 5.
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