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Printing DataMatrix in Objective-C Connections vs. Sessions

Figure 4-2. Dialog showing application targeted for version 1 of the framework
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Figure 9-6. The while loop The following code shows an example of the while loop, where the test expression variable starts with a value of 3 and is decremented at each iteration. The loop exits when the value of the variable becomes 0. int x = 3; while( x > 0 ) { Console.WriteLine("x: {0}", x); x--; } Console.WriteLine("Out of loop"); This code produces the following output: x: x: x: Out 3 2 1 of loop
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ManagedBase() { ManagedBase::f_virt(); }
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Pascal casing
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The following code shows an example of a partial method called PrintSum. PrintSum is declared in different parts of partial class Myclass: the defining declaration in the first part and the implementing declaration in the second part. The implementation prints out the sum of its two integer parameters. Since partial methods are implicitly private, PrintSum cannot be called from outside the class. Method Add is a public method that calls PrintSum. Main creates an object of class MyClass and calls public method Add, which calls method PrintSum, which prints out the sum of the input parameters.
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System.Value Type
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Scheme MethodTypeName MethodName PropertyName Arguments
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Let s look at the game code, starting with the header file in Listing 6-31.
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VolvoC30 myCar = new VolvoC30("Adam Freeman", PaintColor.Black);
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Figure 9-6. Creating a new MSMQ message trigger
CHAPTER 29: Your iTunes User Guide
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