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Objects that can move from process to process or from machine to machine are mobile objects. Examples of mobile objects include the DataSet and the business objects created in this book. Mobile objects aren t stuck in a single place, but can move to where they re most needed. To create one in .NET, add the [Serializable()] attribute to your class definition. You may also optionally implement the ISerializable interface. I ll discuss this further in 2, but the following illustrates the start of a class that defines a mobile object: [Serializable()] public class MyMobileClass { } Again, the .NET Framework takes care of the details, so an object of this type can be simply passed as a parameter to a method call or as the return value from a function. The object will be copied from the original machine to the machine where the method is running. It is important to understand that the code for the object isn t automatically moved across the network. Before an object can move from machine to machine, both machines must have the .NET assembly containing the object s code installed. Only the object s serialized data is moved across the network by .NET. Installing the required assemblies is often handled by ClickOnce or other .NET deployment technologies.
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Adjust the cursor_space_for_time Parameter to True
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All Together Now...
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This section presents the Digi Connect ME module and development kit. Digi Connect ME devices are designed to utilize the network (Ethernet local area network [LAN] and wireless local area network [WLAN]) capabilities of the .NET Micro Framework.
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string myString = "Introduction to C#";
The Miscellaneous bucket of the Properties panel (see Figure 2-56) contains any properties that don t fit into the previously described buckets.
CHAPTER 3: Rapid Game Development Using (Mostly) Standard C
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