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6 / Trigger created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> update t set x = x+1; fired 1 row updated. and go into that second session again and run the update, we observe it gets blocked (of course). After committing the blocking session, we ll see the following: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> update t set x = x+1 where y > 0; fired 1 row updated. The trigger fired just once this time, not twice. Thus, the :NEW and :OLD column values, when referenced in the trigger, are also used by Oracle to do the restart checking. When we referenced :NEW.X and :OLD.X in the trigger, X s consistent read and current read values were compared and found to be different. A restart ensued. When we removed the reference to that column from the trigger, there was no restart. So the rule is that the set of columns used in the WHERE clause to find the rows plus the columns referenced in the row triggers will be compared. The consistent read version of the row will be compared to the current read version of the row; if any of them are different, the modification will restart.
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IBindingListView is not implemented in CSLA .NET, but you can find an implementation in the CSLAcontrib library at
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Figure 31-5. Adding an application configuration file
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You should choose to implement INotifyCollectionChanged or use ObservableCollection(Of T) only if you are absolutely certain your application will need to support only WPF or Silverlight and never Windows Forms. Because CSLA .NET supports Windows Forms and Web Forms along with WPF, the list and collection types defined in the framework implement IBindingList by subclassing BindingList(Of T).
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Avoiding Double-Processing of Fields
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PositiveInfinity NegativeInfinity IsPositiveInfinity(V) IsNegativeInfinity(V) IsInfinity(V)
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Set an alarm, countdoun timer, and more.
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To validate a hash code, we need the data and the hash code that the person who sent us the data has generated. We then use the same hash algorithm to generate our own hash code, and if the two match, we can be confident that the data we received is the data that was sent to us and has not been modified in any way. Listing 37-8 demonstrates validating the checksum we generate in Listing 37-7. Listing 37-8. Validating a Hash Code using using using using System; System.IO; System.Linq; System.Security.Cryptography;
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private void CreateBBVertices() { billboardVertices = new VertexPositionTexture[billboardList.Count * 6]; int i = 0; foreach (Vector4 currentV4 in billboardList) { Vector3 center = new Vector3(currentV4.X, currentV4.Y, currentV4.Z); billboardVertices[i++] = new VertexPositionTexture(center, new Vector2(0, 0)); billboardVertices[i++] = new VertexPositionTexture(center, new Vector2(1, 0)); billboardVertices[i++] = new VertexPositionTexture(center, new Vector2(1, 1)); billboardVertices[i++] = new VertexPositionTexture(center, new Vector2(0, 0)); billboardVertices[i++] = new VertexPositionTexture(center, new Vector2(1, 1)); billboardVertices[i++] = new VertexPositionTexture(center, new Vector2(0, 1)); } } For each billboard in your list, you add six vertices to your array. Each of these vertices contains the center position of the billboard, as well as its correct texture coordinate. The great news is that you have to call this method only once at the beginning of your application, since the contents of this array don t need to be updated when the camera is changed! So, call it, for example, from the Initialize method, after the call to the AddBillboards method: AddBillboards(); CreateBBVertices(); Now that your vertices are ready to be transferred to the GPU, it s time to start coding the vertex shader. Let s start with the case of cylindrical billboarding, because it s a tiny bit easier than spherical billboarding.
Currency: Similar to the Number type, but also presents you with a currency-type dropdown list for supporting international currencies. Usable for task assignments Interface rendered:
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