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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 using System; class CommandPattern { // Command Pattern Multireceiver Version Judith Bishop // Has two different delegates for two types of commands // The second receiver uses both of them delegate void Invoker ( ); delegate void InvokerSet (string s); static Invoker Execute, Redo, Undo; static InvokerSet Set; class Command { public Command(Receiver receiver) { Set = delegate {Console.WriteLine("Not implemented - default of XXX used"); receiver.S = "XXX";}; Execute= receiver.Action; Redo = receiver.Action; Undo = receiver.Reverse; } } class Command2 { public Command2(Receiver2 receiver) { Set = receiver.SetData; Execute= receiver.DoIt; Redo = receiver.DoIt; Undo = delegate {Console.WriteLine("Not Implemented");}; June 2007
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10.3.1 Building the message consumer
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The next step is to have XDoclet process these generated files and build all of the other necessary pieces, including vendor-specific deployment descriptors. In section 14.8, a complete build incorporating Middlegen, XDoclet, compilation, and building the EJB JAR and EAR files is shown.
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2.16 Adding message selectors to a message-driven bean deployment descriptor
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It is generally accepted as best practice to open a connection from a DataSource object retrieved from the application server. This allows your EJB to have the maximum portability when it comes to JDBC connections. However, if you have strong motivation for not wanting to use a DataSource, you can load a JDBC driver and open the connection manually. You will most likely need values for a database URL, username, and password all of which can be hardcoded or also looked up through JNDI.
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Hey, that s even simpler than the code that initiates printing to a real printer, even though print preview technology seems to be more complex than plain printing. There almost ought to be a law against code that simple. Fortunately, there s not. Figure 20-7 shows the preview window, after using the two-pages-at-once toolbar button. Let s dwell just a little longer on how simple that code was. I can accept that the PrintPreviewDialog class includes a lot of amazing code for previewing printed output. But the remarkable part of the code is that we didn t have to rewrite the custom GDI+ drawing logic. The same set of GDI+ statements now drives the preview display and the actual output. All we had to do was assign the PrintDocument object to the correct dialog control.
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Writing Hibernate applications
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The handleTextInput() method first sets a local variable called previousRequest to the prior value of this.lastRequestString. It then sets the lastRequestString property to the current value of the input field so that it can compare the two to make sure that it s not trying to send a request for the same information that has already been requested. If the request is an empty string, the pop-up list is hidden. If the request is a valid request for new information, the handleTextInput() method calls the sendRequestForSuggestions() method that we wrote yesterday to call the Ajax-based data source to get some suggestions from the server. If the request is the same as the last one, the request is ignored and no action is taken. Finally, the pieces are starting to come together. The construction, the configuration, the Ajax handling, the event handling it s almost as if we know what we re doing. And just in the nick of time; it s already day 4! We have one more method of our controller class to cover the onblur handler. The onblur handler is a very simple method that sets the value of the text field from the current selection and hides the suggestion. The implementation is as follows:
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Xcode, Instruments, and Dashcode were all available as part of the development library of Mac OS X before the iPhone came along. Many of these programs are expanded and revised for use on the iPhone, so we ve opted to briefly summarize them all, in decreasing order of importance to an SDK developer: Xcode is the core of the SDK s integrated development environment (IDE). It s where you ll set up projects, write code in a text editor, compile code, and generally manage your applications. It supports code written in Objective-C (a superset of C that we ll cover in more depth shortly) and can also parse C++ code. You ll learn the specifics of how to use it in chapter 3.
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Using your own or another transaction manager In addition to these transaction manager implementations, the DaoTransactionManager is an interface that you can implement and insert into the DAO configuration by providing the fully qualified name of your implementation in the type attribute of the transaction manager configuration element. Any properties that are listed in the body of the transaction manager element are passed to the configure() method of the transaction manager class:
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This uses a method called apply(), which is available to all function objects (see appendix B for more details). Let s illustrate the usage with a simpler example:
Adding Insert, Update, and Delete Statements
This chapter covers
298 FitNesse (continued) log file 197 running the server 192 syntax 194 test running 194 running remotely 196 writing 194 test runner 194 TestRunner.exe 196 wiki style 192 Fowler, Martin definition of CI 4 first article about CI 94 Fredrick, Jeffrey 288 functional test, introduction 170 FxCop 18, 200 208 and StyleCop, conflicting rules 209 and TeamCity 207 and TFS 207 Check method 214 continuous analysis 203 206 custom rule, incorporating into CI process 217 custom rules 213 218 extending 214 216 for compiled .NET 200 FxCopCmd.exe 204 GUI 203 ignoring rules 204 integrating with CI servers 206 208 project 203 report 206 Rule tag 215 standalone 203 suppressions 201 XML rule definition 216 XSD transformation 206 XSL style sheet 207 G GhostDoc 231 Git 14, 277 as distributed system 33 cost-benefit factor 33 Linus Torvalds use of 33 source control aspects 32 Global Assembly Cache (GAC) 24 golden rule of CI 21 GUI testing, tools 180 H
The caretakers of EJB bickered over whether persistence would be added to EJB. In the end, persistence was added as an optional extension. Aggressive vendors, like IBM, picked it up, while others, like Oracle, opted to wait for more safety rope.
And then we could add some calls to that processor in our Main method:
Draw method Draw method Draw method
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