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Example A-18. One solution to Exercise 8-1 (continued)
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public class Category { private Long id; ... public Long getId() { return; } private void setId(Long id) { = id; } ... }
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function SetClass(xClass){ Declare SetClass() if(xClass<5){ Verify transition step document.getElementById("divNews" + layerFront).className = "opac" + xClass; timerAmt = setTimeout("SetClass(" + (xClass+1) + ")",timeColor); } else{ document.getElementById("divNews" + layerFront).className = ""; currentMessage++; Increment count if(currentMessage>=arrayMessage.length) currentMessage = 0; if(!bPaused) timerSwitch = setTimeout( "ChangeView()",flipLength); } }
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So far, it seems that ADO.NET, Microsoft s database library for .NET, is different. It s been out for about seven years (as of this writing), and Microsoft hasn t yet teased programmers with a replacement. ADO.NET is quite flexible, and that flexibility will hopefully allow it to stretch itself over new advances in technology for the foreseeable future. If you are familiar with the ADO technology, prepare to forget it. ADO.NET is not the natural successor to ADO. It s a completely new technology that is unrelated to ADO, and although it shares some terminology with ADO and other older tools, ADO.NET does this only to play with your mind.
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Protecting your PDF
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Putting the parts together is less complicated. Here s the needed string concatenation code found in the PromptUser routine:
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Only read and write Android s built-in data fields and fields that you ve created
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The <replaceregexp> shown matches a comma-delimited sort.order line and replaces it with the two fields swapped. The <replaceregexp> task modifies files in place. Notice that the source file was copied to a working directory prior to replacement. Although the main point is to demonstrate a use of <replaceregexp>, the conditional flag was added to provide some insight into how Ant properties can be used to make life easier, even given exceptions to rules. In this example, an
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Primary key join
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Animations for the Web
Because Function._validateParams is declared as a private method, we feel the need to add a disclaimer that says use at your own risk. Used properly, this method can be a great help in some scenarios. We hope that the Function._validateParams method will become a publicly accessible method in the next release of the Microsoft Ajax Library.
10.3.2 The hierarchy of the iPhone s objects Within these frameworks you ll be able to access an immense wealth of classes that are arranged in a huge hierarchy. You ll see many of these used throughout this book, and
Builds path to transaction history file
The Action class is the basic unit of work in a Struts application. For the example application, you have one Action class, StrutsCalendarAction. It is responsible for placing Event objects for the current month
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