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Simulation server
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Now, without altering anything in the Photo class, we can start adding decorators. The first draws a blue border around the photo (we ll assume the size is known to keep things simple):
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public void onMessage( Message msg ) { MapMessage map = ( MapMessage ) msg; try { processMessage( map ); } catch(Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } }
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We supply a path to the source directory to include both our source and the generated files. One irritation of the current SOAP import process is that the Java files are always regenerated, which means they always need recompilation. This makes the build longer than it need be. Unless WSDL2Java adds dependency checking, you should use something similar to <uptodate> to bypass the import-wsdl target when it is not needed. There is an extra complication here; you need to use a <filesmatch> test inside a <condition> to verify that the file you just fetched with <get> hasn t changed. We omit all this because it is so complex. 15.2.5 Running the SOAP service With compilation complete, there is one more target to write:
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With ADO.NET s focus on querying data, it s understandable that ADO.NET has declared all-out war on its new enemy, LINQ. Oh wait, a truce was called in Beta 1. ADO.NET and LINQ now work very well together. In fact, ADO.NET sports three LINQ providers.
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2. Create your database.
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ated with each method s control flow. As a result, each of the aspect instances manages its associated control flow and commits its operations independently. Consider a partial output when we run the test program with the aspects in listings 11.9 and 11.10 (but without the BankingTransactionAspect in listing 10.6). For simplicity, we only show the log output for the last two transfer operations:
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19.3 Deriving action results
Ack }
WARNING Even if the events are not processed, the event listeners must still be
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Figure 10.3 The Firebug console in Firefox shows the asynchronous requests made to the web service to retrieve the list of suggestions for the auto-complete text box.
access control 230 accessing EJBs from a servlet 8 AccountAccessBean 240 AccountBean 249 ACID 165 adding a home method to generated home interfaces 68 adding entity relation XML to the deployment descriptor 70 71, 73 adding log messages 249 AddressBean 98 afterBegin 179 180, 183 afterCompletion 180, 184 Ant 274, 278 automating tests 294 building stubs 283 building the ejb.jar 280 compiling EJB source 278 properties 56 properties with XDoclet 57 setting up for build 278 with Cactus 294 See also build.xml Apache Ant 274 Cactus 275 appenders html 261 JDBC 257 JMS 258 rolling file 260 XML 259 Applet 27 <arg> 286 assert 287, 289 assertEquals 289 assertFalse 289 assertNotNull 289 assertNotSame 289 assertNull 289 assertSame 289 assertTrue 289 assigning a role to an EJB 238 assigning and determining EJB client security roles 232 AsynchBean 156 asynchronous business logic 202 asynchronous email 223 asynchronous processes 151 without message-driven bean 156 asynchronous timer 145 AsyncProcessBean 151 atomic 165 attempting error recovery to avoid a rollback 172 authentication 230 AuthenticationException 242 authorization 230 automate development 34 <automatic-key-generation> 91 automating test cases 274 execution 294 automation, building EJB stubs 283 avoiding a rollback 172 in a BMT bean 173 in a CMT bean 173 avoiding hard-coded XDoclet tag values 56
Table per Subclass
This section covers the Tangled Thread, Swallowing Exceptions, Killer System Exceptions, Database Connection Hog, Eager Iterator, and Narrow Servlet Bridge antipatterns.
With EJB 3, entities can be used inside either the EJB or web container, or in a Java SE application. Thus, entities may be packaged in a standard Java EE module such as an EJB -JAR, WAR, or JAR file in the root of the EAR module or as a library module in an EAR. When using entities in your applications, you have to package entity classes into a Java EE module such as an EJB -JAR or WAR of simple JAR files, with a simple deployment descriptor named persistence.xml. If you are using entities within an EJB module, then the EJB (session beans, MDBs) classes and entities need to be packaged together in the same EJB module. Therefore, the EJB -JAR module will contain a persistence.xml file to designate that the module contains one or more persistence units. Recall from our discussion in chapter 9 that a persistence unit is a logical group of entities used together. For example, you may create a persistence unit for all entities in the ActionBazaar application. Let s look at the structure of a JAR that contains a simple persistence unit, as shown in listing 11.5.
11.3.1 The problem with mixing languages
Separate the crosscutting concerns from the core modules in the initial phase When you come across a concern that affects multiple modules, apply the questions in section 13.1.1 to determine whether you should instead use aspects to implement the functionality. Then, if you find it is a crosscutting concern, do not implement it along with the core module; instead, plan to encapsulate it in separate aspects. You may decide to create those aspects immediately or wait until the functionality is really needed. Watch out for any visible tangling and scattering Be on the lookout for code tangling and code scattering while implementing the core concerns; consider them a symptom of possible crosscutting concerns being implemented using OOP techniques that may actually be candidates for AOP. Initially, you will be looking for well-known crosscutting concerns, such as
One-to-one foreign key associations
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