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a test assembly that starts an EJB 3.0 container server (see the code in chapter 2, section 2.2.3, Running the application and the EJB3IntegrationTest superclass in the CaveatEmptor download) and then test your EJB layers. We recommend the documentation of TestNG and DBUnit, respectively, as you start building out your testing environment from the base classes and with the strategies we ve shown. You may wonder how you can test mappings and queries, because we ve only discussed testing of object-state transitions. First, you can test mappings easily by setting to validate. Hibernate then verifies the mappings by checking them against database catalog metadata when the SessionFactory is built. Second, testing queries is the same as testing object state transitions: Write integration test methods, and assert the state of the returned data. Finally, we consider load and stress testing, and which aspects you have to focus on if you want to test the performance of your system.
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If you want both the total number of results and the (paginated) list of results, call list(), scroll(), iterate(), and getResultList() before calling getResultSize() on the same query object. This uses one Lucene query instead of two.
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data but have the name-value pairs decoded for us as an associative array or magic variables. It s fairly common practice these days to add a little JavaScript to validate the form contents locally before submitting. We can modify our simple form to do this:
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44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 foreach (T item in list) { // val must be an integer. The as conversion needs it // also to be a non-nullable, which is checked by the int val = item as int ; if (!val.HasValue) val = 0; // Drawing methods do not handle nullable types b.SetPixel(x + 20, 20 + 200 - ((int)val), Color.Black); x++; }
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Figure 8.3 This display shows how a PSTitleValueSpecifier and a PSMultiValueSpecifier look in Xcode.
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thisJoinPoint 101 102, 105 example of 52 string representation 55 thisJoinPointStaticPart, comparison with 158 usage of 83, 102 use in logging 168 thisJoinPointStaticPart 101 102, 105 as key in map 175 example of 123, 291, 328, 332, 343 logging, example of 363, 408 passing as method parameter, example of 347 thisJoinPoint, comparison with 158 usage of 102 use in exception logging 164 use in logging 158, 161 thread pool 230 231 implementation, SimpleThreadPool 228, 230 ThreadPool interface 226 thread pooling destruction join point, nonobviousness 223 improving UI responsiveness 315 thread pooling aspect 223 235 active resource consideration 223 AspectJ-based See aspect-oriented thread pooling 226 aspect-oriented See aspect-oriented thread pooling 226 fine tuning 234 pool interface See thread pool 226 resource creation join point 227 resource pooling template, mapping to 227 selective enabling 234 thread safety definition of 287 patterns, for 287
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ABMultiValueRef, index ABMultiValueRef, index ABMultiValueRef ABMutableMultiValueRef, label, index ABMutableMultiValueRef, value, index
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For more information, refer to the Spring documentation. If you re using Spring outside a Java EE container, you can use a LocalEntityManagerFactory and your configuration will look like this:
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Remove CSS class Verify next message Start viewer timer
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Understanding the various query options Writing HQL and JPA QL queries Joins, reporting queries, subselects
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private void tvwTargetDir_AfterSelect(object sender, TreeViewEventArgs e) { string theFullPath = e.Node.FullPath; if (theFullPath.EndsWith("\\")) { theFullPath = theFullPath.Substring(0, theFullPath.Length - 1); } txtTargetDir.Text = theFullPath; }
F4 key 314 factored 56, 62 Feather, Michael 63 file input 69, 74 file system 193 filter 154, 284, 372, 376 379 context objects 376 FinalBuilder 80 Firebug 169 170 invaluable in AJAX development 178 Firefox 98, 113, 159 flexibility 127 flow 51 52, 55 fluent interface 67 Fluent NHibernate 328 FluentForm 294 295 FluentPage 299 folder 312 313 shared 45, 304 structure 228 form input 204 form posts 56 form values 54 55, 203, 210, 213 form, interacting with 293 FormatException 375 376 formatters 258, 260, 265 266 FormatValueCore 266 forms authentication 153 FormsAuthentication 134 FormsAuthentication.SignOut() 134 FormValueProviderFactory 210
The format string with a {0} placeholder.
Using your split view controller
Using the range comparison and Boolean logic, you can manipulate your LINQ and REST queries to return all entities that start with a particular string. For example, if you wanted to return all shirts that were present in any of partition1, partition2, partition3, or partition4, you could use the following query:
string s1 = "One,Two,Three Liberty Associates, Inc.";
This mapping will be accomplished in our DAO implementation by using methods to create a bean from an Attributes object, or an Attributes object from a bean. While it would be possible to create a reflection-based mapping mechanism for this, we are going to make our DAO implementation very simple and just hardcode the mapping. Listing 11.5 contains the three methods from our DAO implementation that are responsible for that mapping.
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