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public static List findAll() throws SQLException, HibernateException { Session session = HibernateUtil.getSession(); List finds = session.find("from User"); return finds; }
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Table 9.10 @hibernate.collection-one-to-many attribute Attribute class Description Contains the fully qualified name of the class in the collection. Default No default. Though not officially mandatory, since XDoclet can t guess and leaves it blank, you need to specify the class name.
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You specify a string literal by enclosing it in double quotes:
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Any SQL statement can be viewed as a set of Output Output inputs and outputs. The inputs are the parameters, typically found in the WHERE clause of the SQL statement. The outputs are the columns SELECT FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME found in the SELECT clause. Figure 2.3 depicts FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE EMPLOYEE_NUMBER=1234 this idea. The advantage to this approach is that the SQL statement leaves a great deal of flexibility Input in the hands of the developer. One can easily Figure 2.3 SQL can be viewed as inputs manipulate the data to match the object and outputs. model without changing the underlying table design. Furthermore, developers can actually introduce multiple tables or results from built-in database functions or stored procedures. The full power of SQL is at their fingertips. iBATIS maps the inputs and outputs of the statement using a simple XML descriptor file. Listing 2.1 shows an example of this.
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Listing 11.1 Controller code that closes and ends an auction
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static void Main(string[] args) { Document doc1 = new Document { Author = "Matthew Adams", DocumentDate = new DateTime(2000, 01, 01), Text = "Am I a year early " }; Document doc2 = new Document { Author = "Ian Griffiths", DocumentDate = new DateTime(2001, 01, 01), Text = "This is the new millennium, I promise you." };
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Caching theory and practice
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<ejb-jar> <enterprise-beans> <!-- =========[ ContainerManaged Bean ]======== --> <entity> Declares the EJB that <ejb-name>containerManaged</ejb-name> will use container<home>containerManaged.EquityHome</home> managed persistence <remote>containerManaged.Equity</remote> <ejb-class>containerManaged.EquityBean</ejb-class> <persistence-type>Container</persistence-type> <prim-key-class>java.lang.String</prim-key-class> <reentrant>False</reentrant> <cmp-version>2.x</cmp-version> <abstract-schema-name>EquityBean</abstract-schema-name> <cmp-field> Declares the persistent <field-name>symbol</field-name> fields of the bean </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>description</field-name> Indicates the use of the </cmp-field> 2.0 specification and <cmp-field> declares the schema name <field-name>lastTrade</field-name> </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>change</field-name> </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>volume</field-name> </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>marketCap</field-name> </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>pe</field-name>
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Alternatively, the DAO object could simply throw a system exception after telling its JDBC connection to roll back an update. The system exception will force a
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The schemaLocation attribute is not a part of the XML language, so we ll actually need to prefix it with the appropriate namespace in order to use it. The XML Schema specification defines a special namespace that can be used for schemaLocation (as well as other attributes). That namespace is To declare the schemaLocation attribute properly, you must declare its XML Namespace and prefix it with the identifier for that namespace, as shown in the following snippet:
One of the major advantages of XFA is you can define forms that can grow dynamically. In traditional PDF files, the layout of the content is fixed: the coordinate of every dot, every line, every glyph on the page is known in advance. PDF was created because there was a need for a document format that was predictable. When you create a document containing three pages, you don t want it to be rendered as a document with two or four pages when opened on another OS or using a different viewer application. XFA makes an exception to this rule. A dynamic XFA form can grow dynamically depending on the data that s entered.
SaveChunk for Silverlight
This code is very similar to the copy code, except that the method that is called on the file is Delete( ). Everything is enclosed in a try block, for the same reason as before, and the status label is updated accordingly.
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