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average check-in rate. In other words, if the developers on your team check in more quickly than the build process, you should choose this type of trigger. It accumulates the check-ins and triggers the build after the currently running build finishes. You can also set a rough equivalent of a quiet period, as you saw earlier when working with TeamCity. You can prevent the build from executing for a given amount of time, during which check-ins are accumulated. It isn t the same, but it can do the trick.
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In the typical case that a Java EE module has a single persistence unit, specifying the unitName might seem redundant. In fact, most persistence providers will resolve the unit correctly if you don t specify a unitName. However, we recommend specifying a persistence unit name even if you only have one unit. This ensures that you are not dependent on container-specific functionality since the specification doesn t state what the persistence provider must do if the unitName is not specified. EntityManager scoping The element type specifies the EntityManager scope. As we noted, for a containermanaged EntityManager, scope can either be TRANSACTION or EXTENDED. If the type element is left empty, the scope is assumed to be TRANSACTION. Not surprisingly, the typical use of the type element is to specify EXTENDED for an EntityManager. The code would look like this:
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<target name="dist" depends="compile"> <jar destfile="${dist.dir}/antbook-tools.jar" compress="true"> <fileset dir="${build.dir}/classes"/> </jar> </target>
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Unlike with visual inspections, you don t manually evaluate what each method is doing every time you test it. Instead, you write code that exercises and verifies that your methods do exactly what you think they should. Using a framework like JUnit facilitates this by providing a support structure to collect and run all the tests together. To write some tests, you need to have a class to test. In this chapter, let s start with the basic Event we have seen in previous chapters. We ll add a method to it, isScheduledBefore(), which determines whether the event is scheduled to start before a given date. This is the type of method you might often see on a domain object, because it encapsulates logic about the domain object where it belongs, inside Event. The method looks like this:
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Emmanuel discusses these issues with the user on the Hibernate forum at http:// t=980778&highlight=lucene+directory+database. This is an informative discussion, and we recommend that you read it. By now you have probably realized that supplying your own version of a DirectoryProvider is not as simple as in some situations where you provide your own implementation of a method. You may have to change or write one of the inner classes or rewrite several methods. It s not that difficult a task, but it is more than a simple method change.
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Value types are hard-working variables, maintaining their data values throughout their lives. Reference types work hard, too, but they can be filled with Nothing and get a little rest time. This difference has long been a thorn in the side of value types. Is it too much to ask to give these working-class variables a little down time Well, Microsoft has heard this plea, and starting with Visual Basic 2008, value types can now be assigned with Nothing. These new nullable types are essential when you want to have an undefined state for a standard value type (especially useful when working with database fields). Consider this class that manages employee information:
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Figure 4.4 The text of each button is bound to the corresponding value in the puzzle s grid sequence.
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8.2 Improving logging performance
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15.2.3 Native SQL in Java Persistence
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> ajc F:\aspectj-book\ch04\section4.4\ Unhandled exception type RemoteException test.perform(); ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Q D1 = 0.1761 0.1761 = 0.0310 Q D2 = 0.4771 0.9542 + 0.1761 0.1761 = 0.4862 Q D3 = 0.1761 0.1761 + 0.1761 0.1761 = 0.0620
Private Sub SearchText_Enter(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SearchText.Enter ' ----- Highlight the entire text. SearchText.SelectAll( ) End Sub
With this basic source tree structure in place, let s move on to coding our working application. Since the catalog portion of the application is the first one that a customer views, let s concentrate our efforts there.
FastCGI is a module in IIS 7 that provides a way to run CGI-based applications. CGI is a
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