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Table A.2 is a list of the main Hibernate Search APIs and their usage.
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Optimizing fetching and caching
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<asp:Label ID="lblRadioButtonList" Runat="server" Text="Radio Button List" SkinID="Red"/>
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Server A Cache RDRoleHost Server B Cache RDRoleHost
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Managing identity, authentication, and authorization is hard. It takes a lot of work by developers to get it right. One wrong step and you leave a gaping hole that a bad guy can take advantage of and land your company on the front page of the newspaper. Security is always a high priority on any project, but it s loaded with special terms and more complexity than developers generally want to deal with. We re going to cover how you can integrate the user s identity inside your company with applications running in the cloud. We ll do this by leveraging claims-based authorization, which allows you to federate your internal identities with applications in the cloud by using standards-based tokens.
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SELECT c FROM Category c WHERE c.createDate >= ANY (SELECT i.createDate FROM Item i WHERE i.seller = c.user)
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This graph is slightly different from the order in listing 9.2. In altering the project common so that we could use the index files created by index for its tests, it became dependent upon that index project. This showed up that we always must have had a circular dependency: the ant project depended upon common, but the test target in common depended upon ant. We hadn t noticed this before because we only clean-built individual projects, not the entire suite. To remove the loop, we moved the tests into the file common-tests and made the test target in common do nothing. The final outputs of the project still depend on passing these tests, which is why webapp and tools depend upon the common-tests project. We can now rework our single master build target to become a parameterized target that builds the projects, which we show in listing 9.2.
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Marks POJO as MDB @MessageDriven( activationConfig = { Specifies JMS @ActivationConfigProperty( destination to get propertyName="destinationName", messages from propertyValue="jms/OrderBillingQueue") } ) public class OrderBillingMDB implements MessageListener { ... Implements javax.jms. public void onMessage(Message message) { MessageListener interface try { ObjectMessage objectMessage = (ObjectMessage) message; Order order = (Order) objectMessage.getObject();
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This queries for the two terms portsmouth and england as stated, in that order and next to one another. A second way is known as a proximity query, which uses the ~ (tilde) character to express a slop factor. This slop factor expresses how far apart the terms in the phrase can be from one another and still be returned as a result to the query. For example,
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smallerString = Left(largerString, 5)
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RaisePostBackEvent 254 method 226 rapid application development 229 Register directive 42, 63 Render method 40 RenderBeginTag 222 RenderBody 135 RenderCatalogPart 140 RenderCatalogPartContents 140 RenderCatalogPartLinks method 136 RenderContents 135 RenderEditorPart 140, 221 method 220 RenderEndTag 222 RenderFooter 135 RenderHeader 135 method 249 RenderPartContents 140, 221 RenderWebPart 140, 142 RenderWebPartContents 142 Repeater 23 Repeater control 251 RepeaterItemEventArgs 253 RequiresPersonalization 103 ResetPersonalizationBlob 172, 239 ResetPersonalizationState 167, 271 method 114, 164 ResetState 172 ResetUserState 172, 280 RewritePath method 275 Roles 125 roundtrip 214, 287 RowToFieldTransformer 83, 88 RowToParametersTransformer 83 84, 86 RSS 308 runat= server 246
At this point, our sample application, the Android tip calculator, has compiled successfully. Now you want to run your application in the Android emulator. Before you can run an application in the emulator, you have to configure the emulated environment. To do this, you ll learn how to create an instance of the AVD using the AVD Manager. After you ve got that sorted out, you ll define a run configuration in Eclipse, which allows you to run an application in a specific AVD instance.
You create a StringCollection object that wraps a JavaScript array. You want to allow only strings to be added to the array. To do that, call the Function._validateParams method in the add method, which is used to add an element to the collection. The parameter descriptor for the value parameter mandates that it s of type String, and not null; and the value parameter can t be omitted. This ensures that only strings are added to the inner array. For simplicity, the code in listing 13.5 contains a single add method, but you can add more methods to simulate strongly typed collections in JavaScript. Another interesting use of the Function._validateParams method ensures that required references are set before the initialization of a client component. In listing 13.6, the Function._validateParams method is used in the initialize method of a SomeControl control that is supposed to hold a reference to a DOM element called childElement. You ensure that the reference has been set correctly (for example, through a property) before the control is initialized.
Figure 7.2 The result table of an ANSI-style inner join of two tables
Receives PostConstruct
The Attributes tab contains all the basic information about your object. It will generally be your first stop whenever you want to modify an object that exists in Interface Builder. Figure 12.4 shows the Attributes tab for our label. When we manipulated our label graphically, we changed the text to My Apple Stock for reasons that will become obvious shortly. You can see that this change has already been made in the label s attributes. You can set a lot of other properties via this single window, with no programming required. Do you want your text to be a nice maraschinocherry red No problem: click the Text Color box. Doing so will lead you to a window that offers several ways to set colors. Choose the tab that allows selection by name, and you ll find maraschino cherry on the list. You can also set shadows, alignments, and a number of other text options from this panel. Besides the label options, the Attributes tab contains several options that relate to the view they re the UIView properties that most graphical objects inherit. You can change alpha transparency, background color, and a number of
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