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public void testFindEventsFor() throws Exception{ Event eventBefore = new Event(); Creates three events Event eventIn = new Event(); Sets dates for Event eventAfter = new Event(); months being testing eventBefore.setStartDate(DateUtils.newDate(6, 1, 2005)); eventIn.setStartDate(DateUtils.newDate(7, 1, 2005));
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Example C-7. The markup for Exercise 2-4 (continued)
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Builds EJB-JAR
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Type-ahead suggest
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<ul id="home" title="Colors" selected="true"> <li><a href="#red">Red</a></li> <li><a href="#green">Green</a></li> <li><a href="#blue">Blue</a></li> <li><a href="" target="_self">Other Colors</a></li> <li><a href="#settings">Settings</a> </ul>
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In this section, we hope to cover all the things you may encounter when you have to deal with an existing legacy database or (and this is often synonymous) a weird or broken schema. If your development process is top-down, however, you may want to skip this section. Furthermore, we recommend that you first read all chapters about class, collection, and association mappings before you attempt to reverse-engineer a complex legacy schema. We have to warn you: When your application inherits an existing legacy database schema, you should usually make as few changes to the existing schema as possible. Every change that you make to the schema could break other existing applications that access the database. Possibly expensive migration of existing data is also something you need to evaluate. In general, it isn t possible to build a new application and make no changes to the existing data model a new application usually means additional business requirements that naturally require evolution of the database schema. We ll therefore consider two types of problems: problems that relate to the changing business requirements (which generally can t be solved without schema changes) and problems that relate only to how you wish to represent the same business problem in your new application (these can usually, but not always, be solved without database schema changes). It should be clear that the first kind of problem is usually visible by looking at just the logical data model. The second
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When Seam instantiates this component, an instance is bound into the conversation context under the variable name register. The EJB 3.0 container injects a transaction-scoped persistence context. You ll use Seam here later to inject a conversation-scoped persistence context. The user member variable is exposed with accessor methods so that JSF input widgets can be bound to individual User properties. The state of the user is held during the conversation by the register component. The verifyPassword member variable is also exposed with accessor methods for value binding in forms, and the state is held during the conversation.
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Use of named parameters Simplification of syntax Support for JOIN operations Support for subqueries Bulk updates and deletes Support for GROUP BY and HAVING
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12.3.1 Building the XML document
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Organizing with Spring and data access objects
Now that our RSSReader controller is starting to take shape, let s take a look at the implementation details of providing the slideshow behavior. Slideshow functionality Now would probably be a good time to talk about a change in semantic from our previous version of the script. In our first version of the RSS reader, we loaded all of the RSS feeds into memory at start time and then just transitioned through our in-memory representation. This had the advantage of simplicity but the decided disadvantage of not being very scalable. If we have dozens or even hundreds of RSS feeds that we read on a regular basis, each with dozens of articles, preloading them all would bring our browser to its knees. So in this refactoring, we ll take the opportunity to improve the scalability and performance of our RSS reader by changing our semantic to load only a single RSS feed into memory at a time. All of the RSSItems of a single feed will be in memory, but only a single RSSFeed will be in memory at a time. Three attributes of the Controller keep track of where the slideshow is in its list of displayable content. These are outlined in table 13.4.
Managing BLOBs using the StorageClient library
Listing 6.9 Declaring a child control as a postback trigger
Initializing resources Like stateless session beans, MDB instances are pooled, and initialization tasks are performed only once, for any given MDB instance. You can perform expensive tasks such as initialization of resources (opening database connections, sockets, files, etc.) in any method annotated with @PostConstruct. Methods marked with @PostConstruct will be invoked only once, immediately after creation. Similarly, close any resources in methods annotated with @PreDestroy. This will significantly improve the performance of your classes in general, and your MDBs in particular. Sizing the pool
JavaFX Script: a quick reference
Class House Implements IBuilding, IDisposable
view.startAnimation(AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this, R.anim.scaler));
/** * {@link SessionContext} hook to the EJB Container; * from here we may obtain a {@link TimerService} via * {@link SessionContext#getTimerService()}. */ @Resource private SessionContext context; /** * We can directly inject the {@link TimerService} as well. */ @Resource private TimerService timerService;
13.7.1 The fundamentals of Core Animation
Design patterns and web technologies
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