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Returned objects are Hibernate managed objects. The query API is similar. The query semantic is also similar.
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17.5.1 Implementing a conversation
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Making single objects persistent
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In the preceding chapter, we mentioned that there were two additional accessibility modifiers that we would deal with later: protected and protected internal. Well, this is where they come into their own. They make members accessible to derived classes. If you want a member to be available either to derived classes or to other classes in your own assembly, you mark that member protected internal. It will be visible to other classes in the library, or to clients that derive classes from your base, but inaccessible to other clients who just reference your assembly. If, on the other hand, you want your class to make certain methods available only to derived classes, you just mark those methods protected. In terms of code out there in the wild, this is the most common usage, but it is not necessarily the best one!
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Listing 8.21 the first version
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This code tells the viewer which report to use as an embedded resource, and then attaches the data as a custom data source. Local in these property names indicates a local (client) report instead of a server report that runs within SQL Server. When we were playing with the reports before, we saw that the default display mode was the fill-the-entire-screen-with-page-content mode. Personally, I like to see those fake page boundaries. The MicrosoftReportViewer control doesn t include a property that lets us change this default view (why not ), but we can still adjust the initial display style through methods on the control. When we added the report viewer to the form, Visual Studio also added the following statement to the form s Load event handler:
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Figure A.1 The ITEM and BID tables of an auction application
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Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
Allocated instances of the Customer class remain POJOs until you ask the EntityManager to create the entity in the database.
HEAD request
3.2.3 Many-to-one element
Listing 14.16
Clustering is problematic with this design Third-party components require massive integration or duplicate many services Legacy components require different transactional or security model
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