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/** * Lists all boats in the database. */ public Collection list () throws RemoteException, FinderException, NamingException { Collection boats = getKayakLocalHome().findAll (); boats.addAll (getCanoeLocalHome().findAll ()); BoatLocal boat; Collection returnBoats = new ArrayList (boats.size ()); for (Iterator iter = boats.iterator (); iter.hasNext (); ) { boat = (BoatLocal) (); returnBoats.add (boat.toDataTransferObject ()); } return returnBoats; } create image barcode generator
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When a conversation starts, a new Session must be opened and bound with ManagedSessionContext.bind() to serve the first request in the conversation. You also have to set FlushMode.MANUAL on that new Session, because you don t want any persistence context synchronization to occur behind your back. All data-access code that now calls sessionFactory.getCurrentSession() receives the Session you bound. When a request in the conversation completes, you need to call ManagedSessionContext.unbind() and store the now disconnected Session somewhere until the next request in the conversation is made. Or, if this was the last request in the conversation, you need to flush and close the Session.
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import javax.rmi.RemoteException; import javax.ejb.*; public interface PlaceBidHome extends EJBHome { public PlaceBid create() throws CreateException, RemoteException; }
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delegate void ProcessEventHandler(object sender, ProcessEventArgs e);
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Figure 23-3. Just getting started on this application
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Manually triggers indexing for an entity. The entity must be managed. Manually triggers an entity removal from the index. The entity type as well as the id are passed as parameters. Manually triggers the removal of all index information for a given entity type. Forces the flushing of all pending indexing changes to the Lucene indexes immediately.
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Example: A contour plot
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Let s pick up a concrete example to work with. The planetary information viewer that we developed in chapter 5 allowed the user to update a couple of editable properties for planets: the diameter and the distance from the sun (see section 5.5). These updates are submitted to the server, which then responds, saying whether it has accepted or rejected them. With the introduction of the command queue concept in section 5.5.3, we allowed each server response to carry acknowledgments to several updates from a given user. A sample XML response document follows, showing one successful and one unsuccessful command:
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' ----- Initialize the data, but only the first time. If (Me.IsPostBack = False) Then Product.Text = "No Data"
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' ----- The record must be saved first. If (ActiveID = -1) Then ' ----- Confirm with the user. If (MsgBox("The item must be saved to the database " & _ "before authors or names can be added. Would you " & _ "like to save the record now ", _ MsgBoxStyle.YesNo Or MsgBoxStyle.Question, _ ProgramTitle) <> MsgBoxResult.Yes) Then Return ' ----- Verify and save the data. If (ValidateFormData( ) = False) Then Return If (SaveFormData( ) = False) Then Return End If
<index title="Maxine's pictures"> <option name="source_dir" value="/spare/pictures" /> <option name="out_dir" value="OUT" /> <list description="The first eight weeks"> <picture name="newborn" label="Maxine at 18 hours of age."> <text>Maxine's first official photo.</text> </picture> <picture name="no_hand" label="With Daddy, 7 days old." /> </list> <!-- More lists go here --> </index>
Data: actions, preferences, files, SQLite, and addresses
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