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Second, iBATIS has features that allow it to effectively work with very large data sets. iBATIS supports features like row handlers that allow batch processing of very large record sets, one record at a time. It also supports fetching a range of results, allowing you to fetch only the data absolutely necessary for your immediate needs. If you have 10,000 records and only want records 500 to 600, then you can easily fetch just those records. iBATIS supports driver hints that allow it to perform such operations very efficiently. Finally, iBATIS allows you to map your objects to the database in multiple ways. It s pretty rare that an enterprise system functions only in a single mode. Many enterprise-class systems need to perform transactional functions throughout the day and perform batch functions during the night. iBATIS allows you to have the same class mapped in multiple ways to ensure that each function is supported in the most efficient way possible. iBATIS also supports multiple fetch strategies. That is, you can choose to have some data loaded lazily, while other complex object graphs are loaded with a single SQL join to avoid serious performance problems. This sounds a lot like a sales pitch. So while we re in the mood, why don t we go into some reasons why you want to use iBATIS We ll do exactly that in section 2.5. To be fair, a little later in section 2.5 we ll discuss some times when you may not want to use iBATIS.
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Doing more with DAO
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Application databases are sometimes small enough that they can be deployed to the same server as the application. With application databases there is more infrastructure freedom as well. With small application databases, it is generally easier to convince companies to buy into using cheaper open source RDBMS solutions such as MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of spending money on Oracle or SQL Server. Some applications may even use an embedded application database that runs within the same virtual environment as the application itself, and therefore does not require a separate SQL at all. iBATIS works very well as a persistence framework for application databases. Because of the simplicity of iBATIS, a team can get up to speed very quickly with a new application. For simple databases, it s even possible to generate the SQL from the database schema using the administrative tools that come with your RDBMS. Tools are also available that will generate all of the iBATIS SQL Map files for you.
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You need to drag and release to build a connection in Interface Builder.
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Now that you ve familiarized yourself with the options, it s time to see the packager in action.
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ControlToValidate="txtPasswd2" ControlToCompare="txtPasswd1"
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14.3.2 Other event methods and properties
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Set the animation options and save it
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Querying persistent objects
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Touches are sent as an NSSet, which can be broken apart in a number of ways, as described in the NSSet class reference. Here, you use a simple for ... in construction that lets you look at each touch in turn. When you get a touch, the first thing you do is determine what phase it arrived in. Originally, you could have determined this information based on which method a touch arrived through; but because you combined everything you have to fall back on the phase property. Fortunately, it s easy to use. You match it up to one of three constants B, and that determines which individual actions your program undertakes. Having different responses based on the phase in which a touch arrives is common which is why the event methods are split up in the first place. The example demonstrates this with some distinct responses: you move your start field when touches begin, you move your end field when touches end, and you update the bottom label in both the moved and ended phases.
You enabled transactional caching for Item and the bids collection in this example. However, there is one important caveat: At the time of writing, Hibernate runs into a conflict if you also have <cache> elements in the mapping file for Item. You therefore can t use the global configuration to override the mapping file settings. We recommend using the centralized cache configuration right from the start, especially if you aren t sure how your application may be deployed. It s also easier to tune cache settings with a single configuration location. The next step to the cluster setup is the configuration of the JBoss Cache provider. First, you enable it in the Hibernate configuration for example, if you aren t using properties, in hibernate.cfg.xml:
Table 2-3. Outlining commands Command Toggle Outlining Expansion Toggle All Outlining Description Reverses the current outlining state of the innermost section in which the cursor lies. Sets all sections to the same outlining state. If some sections are expanded and some are collapsed, all will become collapsed.
In the case of the state bag, the attribute names are the keys, and the values of those attributes are stored as the value part of each dictionary pair.
Figure 6.12 Exporting an Open Office document as a PDF form
As Shakespeare might have said, if only he d found his true vocation as a C# developer:
As we ll explain in the next section, the purpose of these attributes is to avoid the explicit override of the methods that return the list of script descriptors and script references to the ScriptManager control. Script descriptors and script references are generated by the base classes based on the attributes that decorate the class members. Sounds attractive, right Let s discuss these attributes in more detail.
Defines the interface that says prototypes must be cloneable
Getting started with Hibernate Search
This means that it s our problem to make sure we never try to use a List<T> instance from more than one thread at a time. It could fail in subtler ways than crashing it could corrupt data, for example.
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