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InputStream is = socketConnection.openInputStream(); OutputStream os = socketConnection.openOutputStream();
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DirectoryProvider: storing the index
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< xml version="1.0" > <configuration xmlns=""> <appSettings/> <connectionStrings/> <system.web> <anonymousIdentification enabled="true" /> <roleManager enabled="true" /> <compilation debug="true" strict="false" explicit="true"/> <profile enabled="true" defaultProvider="AspNetSqlProfileProvider"> <properties> <add name="lastName" /> <add name="firstName" /> <add name="phoneNumber" /> <add name="birthDate" type="System.DateTime" /> <add name="Sports" type="System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection" allowAnonymous="true" /> </properties> </profile>
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The ref missing means: pass the object reference that s in the variable called missing, and give the method the option to modify the missing variable so that it refers to some other object, or null on return, if it wants. This is a common pattern with some COM libraries, because it provides a lot of flexibility. But it makes for unpleasant-looking calling code in C# 3.0. However, C# 4.0 makes ref optional when you re using an interop type, which means we can modify the last line of Example 19-4 as shown in Example 19-5.
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The overridden method of Read( ) is called because you ve created a new Document object:
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Due to the @PrePassivate and @PreDestroy annotations, the callback disconnect() is invoked by the container before passivation or the instance is removed from service. This is where we clean up any underlying resources by logging out and disconnecting from the FTP server. We have the expected accessor and mutator methods:
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Tibet aims to provide a highly portable and comprehensive JavaScript API, so that a great amount of client-side code is possible. Pitches itself as Enterprise Ajax. Supports web service standards such as SOAP and XML -RPC, with prebuilt support for some popular web services such as Google, Amazon, and Jabber instant messaging. Includes an IDE written in JavaScript using the Tibet toolkit.
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Four more variations are shown in figure 2.7. First, in listing 2.15, you ll create List objects of type RomanList, GreekList, and ZapfDingbatsNumberList. In listing 2.16, you ll create a ZapfDingbatsList.
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Since our rule engine based aspects are implementing the same rule as before, the output of the program is exactly the same as in section 12.5.4.
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Declare persistent attributes
ValueChanged event 253 valueforHTTPHeaderField 401 variable controls 205 variables 156 vibrating 362 view 82, 241, 243 objects, as subviews of view controller 225 orientation, checking 229 resizing 228 in Interface Builder 229 rotating 228 subviews 224 view controller 245, 265 .xib files 219, 226 accessing related objects 227 anatomy 223 as MVC controller 227 collage 351 354 controlling views and subviews 226 creating 224
First steps with the Microsoft Ajax Library
When we re not sure: FuzzyQuery
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