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Mapping persistent classes
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javax.annotation.Resource; javax.ejb.Remove; javax.ejb.Stateful; javax.jms.*;
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In an ideal world, we would like to allow access to the dynamic data served from our app to the Ajax client (and possibly other authorized parties) and prevent anybody else from getting in. With some rich-client technologies, we would have the opportunity of using custom network protocols, but the Ajax application is limited to communicating over HTTP. Secure HTTP can keep the data in individual transactions away from prying eyes, as we discussed earlier, but it can t be used to determine who gets to call a particular URL.
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The rest of the functions are largely self-explanatory. You already saw the arc commands in some of the earlier examples, and the others work in similar ways. For more information about the more complex functions, look at the CGContext class reference. We ll move on from these simple drawing commands to the question of what you do once you have a path. You have several options, beginning with the simple possibility of closing it and drawing it.
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tion isn t already in that mode. The previous code examples now work predictably, and the JDBC driver wraps a short transaction around every SQL statement that is send to the database with the implications we listed earlier. In which scenarios would you enable the autocommit mode in Hibernate, so that you can use a Session without beginning and ending a transaction manually Systems that benefit from autocommit mode are systems that require on-demand (lazy) loading of data, in a particular Session and persistence context, but in which it is difficult to wrap transaction boundaries around all code that might trigger on-demand data retrieval. This is usually not the case in web applications that follow the design patterns we discuss in chapter 16. On the other hand, desktop applications that access the database tier through Hibernate often require on-demand loading without explicit transaction boundaries. For example, if you double-click on a node in a Java Swing tree view, all children of that node have to be loaded from the database. You'd have to wrap a transaction around this event manually; the autocommit mode is a more convenient solution. (Note that we are not proposing to open and close Sessions on demand!)
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Figure 13.5 shows a Print dialog box with some values that were set using viewer preferences. Listing 13.7 shows how it was done.
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The tab bar view controller
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When it comes to associations between entities, things are a bit more complicated compared to the associations with embedded objects we just described. At first sight, associations with embedded objects and associations with entities seem quite similar, and, indeed, they are in many ways. The big difference lies in the lifecycle. Embedded objects lifecycles are entirely dependent on their owning entity and cannot be referenced by other entities. This is all good and fine for Hibernate Search because when the embedded object is updated, Hibernate Core will raise an event claiming that the owning entity is updated. Hibernate Search has only to update the Lucene document for this entity. This isn t as easy in associations between entities. Remember that using @IndexedEmbedded is essentially a way to denormalize your data and embed the information of two or more entities into a single Lucene document. When an associated entity is updated, Hibernate Search needs to know which other entities this entity is associated with in order to update their Lucene documents. Otherwise the denormalized data will be desynchronized (see figure 4.4).
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The @WebService Annotation
Using your cell phone to take pictures, record memos, film short videos, and so on, are features that are expected of any such device. In this section, we re going to not only look at how to capture media from the microphone and camera, but also how to write these files to the simulated SD card image you created in the previous section.
Web services
Introducing order to Ajax
ASP.NET Page UpdatePanel
This is a single table listing the movies directed by Zhang Yimou. The total width is set to 600 pt in listing 4.22 B, but the width of a page is only 595 pt. In this example the writeSelectedRows() method was used twice, with two extra parameters to select the columns.
BaseFont bf = BaseFont.createFont( "c:/windows/fonts/arial.ttf", BaseFont.CP1252, BaseFont.EMBEDDED); Font font = new Font(bf, 12);
This is a pretty simple snippet of code because it shows the view controller acting as a traffic cop, accepting input from controls and sending off messages to other objects, which is pretty much the definition of what a view controller should do. For once, you don t have any setup in viewDidLoad:. Instead, the toolbar created in Interface Builder will initiate your program s actions. At startup, the user has only one choice, to click the action button and start the image picker B. When the picker returns, you modify the UIButtonBar to now give options for Save and Cancel, and then you send the picture off to drawView to be dealt with C. Alternatively, you clear the image picker away if the user canceled it D. The save picture routine works the same way as the one you wrote in the collage program E. The only difference is that this one includes a callback, which ends the
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