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The cf parameters tell the jar utility to create a new JAR file named hi.jar . The C option is used to change to a specified directory and include a specified file. In this case, the C option is used to switch to the \output directory to pick up the HiSmallWorld.class file without having the \output directory appear in the JAR file as an attribute of the class. (Without using the C option the runtime environment would think our MIDlet resided in a package named output.) Now let s run midp using our newly created JAR file. In order to do this, make a minor adjustment to the classpath setting to include the JAR file that now contains the class file.
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Starting a Java Persistence project
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<many-to-one name="location" class="Location" fetch="select"/>
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In this chapter some image formats and methods to obtain information about the image size and format were discussed, and the conversion of one image format to another with the help of Image::Magick was demonstrated. This is hopefully sufficient to provide a solid base from which to work with image files and the various formats that are available.
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Figure A.1 You can download all the ASP.NET AJAX packages from the Downloads page of the official website.
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Listing 10.1 MazeDisplay.fx (part 1)
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public FluentPage<TModel> FindText<TField>( Expression<Func<TModel, TField>> field, TField value) { var name = UINameHelper.BuildIdFrom(field); var span = _browser.Span(Find.ById(name)); span.Text.ShouldEqual(value.ToString()); return this; } }
Accessing the social web
typically do this for the Azure diagnostics log themselves, at least until there s a problem with the diagnostic agent itself that requires troubleshooting. That s how you schedule a transfer. Now let s discuss how you can trigger a transfer on demand.
Note that the XnoWeave attribute has the same function as the XnoWeave option discussed in section A.6.
Some application servers and some JMS vendors allow you to specify the redelivery count of a rolled-back message delivery to a message-driven bean. However, to ensure your message-driven EJBs are the most secure and portable, you can implement a simple message tracker like the one shown in the recipe. In this code, the EJB maintains a Map of message IDs and the number of times they have been delivered. If the delivered count for a particular message reaches a predefined constant value, the bean simply logs the message and returns. By returning successfully, the EJB ensures that the EJB container commits the transaction and the message will not be delivered again. If the message makes it past the count check, the bean will attempt to perform its business function. After attempting the business logic, the EJB will check to see if it is necessary to mark the current transaction for rollback. If so, the EJB uses its MessageDrivenContext instance to mark the transaction and returns. The container will roll back the transaction and will attempt to redeliver the message. The previousMessages Hashtable will store only those message IDs that caused errors. If the message succeeds, no ID is stored (and any previously stored ID is removed).
The CCNet W eb Dashboard
Employee employee = entityManager.find(Employee.class, id); employee.getPhones().size();
Query q = session.getNamedQuery("Event.byName"); List results = q.list();
Responsibility of Observable
Figure 2.1 Most common source control systems involve a centralized server and a bunch of clients reading from and writing to the source control repository.
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