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The Microsoft Ajax Library provides a method called Function.createCallback, which you can use to create a callback function that an object can invoke at any time. The main purpose of Function.createCallback is to call a function with a context provided by the object that created the callback. The context is an object that, usually, contains application data that otherwise wouldn t be accessible in the method, because they belong to a different scope. Just like client delegates, callbacks are useful for processing DOM events. The code in listing 2.5 shows how you can access, in a DOM event handler, a custom object created in the pageLoad function.
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public class StarSeparator implements DrawInterface { ... public void draw(PdfContentByte canvas, float llx, float lly, float urx, float ury, float y) { float middle = (llx + urx) / 2; canvas.beginText(); canvas.setFontAndSize(bf, 10); canvas.showTextAligned(Element.ALIGN_CENTER, "*", middle, y, 0); canvas.showTextAligned(Element.ALIGN_CENTER, "* *", middle, y -10, 0);
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you ll typically use most of the time. The annotation is defined as follows:
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Requires inheritors to override method
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transaction.commit(); }catch( Exception e ) { //need to rollback if( transaction == null ) transaction.rollback(); } //start next section of important code try { transaction = ejbContext.getUserTransaction(); transaction.begin(); //perform important code transaction.commit(); }catch( Exception e ) { //need to rollback if( transaction == null ) transaction.rollback(); } }
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Table 8.2 BMP, like CMP, provides deep services through the EJB container, including distribution, security, and management for transactions. BMP is even more difficult to learn, and does not support key Java language extensions, but the flexibility can make it more attractive than CMP for performance reasons or to support additional data stores. BMP Entity Beans J2EE integration Security J2EE integration Remote access (to entity logic) J2EE integration JTA J2EE integration JCA Yes, with remote interfaces; no, with local interfaces Yes, with remote interfaces; no, with local interfaces
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While the method signatures for the CompositeUserType look imposing at first glance, implementing them is fairly simple. The cost of the extra implementation time gives you the ability to query on properties of the Address class, something your AddressType class cannot do. Let s look at some HQL examples:
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By specifying sort="natural", we tell Hibernate to use a SortedMap, sorting the image names according to the compareTo() method of java.lang.String. If you want some other sorted order for example, reverse alphabetical order you can specify the name of a class that implements java.util.Comparator in the sort attribute. For example:
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If you want to add this option to the program, then all that s needed is to set the matte attribute of $im to a false value when the alpha channel should not be preserved. The read_kernel method is responsible for reading a matrix of the same shape as accepted by the previous programs, and transforming it into a flat array of coefficients, which is what the Convolve() method expects (see page 256). Reading this subroutine also shows another limitation of the Convolve() method: the kernel must be square instead of rectangular. 12.3.3
Implementing the Interface on the Client
Public AllHolidays As Collections.Generic.List( _ Of Library.HolidaySet)
Error Handling
Working with data
@Entity @Indexed public class Item { ... @Field(store=Store.YES) @FieldBridge(impl=MapKeyPerFieldBridge.class) @CollectionOfElements @MapKey private Map<String, String> ratePerDubbing = new HashMap<String, String>(); } /** * Only Map<String, String> are accepted as value * For each key in the map, create a field name.<key> (lowercase) and index * its value. * For example the map [english:good, french:moyen, spanish:excellente]
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