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Listing 9.10 is the top part of the updated application class, adding little to what was already there in the previous version. That s why I ve snipped parts of the content again, indicated (as before) with comments in bold. You can refresh your memory by glancing back at listing 9.5. As you can see, the window has been made bigger to accommodate the new elements we re about to add, and we ve created a variable to hold one of them, paper. The main changes come in the next part, listing 9.11, the scene graph.
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Handle XSL document
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Windows Communication Foundation
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@NamedQuery( name = "findCategoryByName", query = "SELECT c FROM Category c WHERE c.categoryName = 1")
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Watermarks with GD
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Listing 12.7
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The first option, using the RouteValueDictionary, is quite ugly. It takes dozens of characters before you find that you re trying to specify the username option. The second option is shorter but much less intuitive. The signature of that ActionLink overload accepts a parameter named routeValues but only of type object. It s up to the developer to determine when these overloads accepting object parameters are workarounds for the lack of decent dictionary initializer syntax in C#.
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The code displayed in listing 12.1 will make a GET request to the development Table service asking for a list of all the tables in the storage account (http:// At q, you generate the HTTP request by calling the CreateHttpRequest method. This method creates the HttpRequest for the given URI ( devstoreaccount1/Tables) and HTTP verb (GET) and returns the request to the calling method.
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You can see the bodies of these methods in listing 5.9. They are similar to those of our earlier WatchListJSPServlet component. Now that we have the XML document and know which stylesheet we want to use, we perform the transformation via the JAXP API.
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cell.accessoryView = [[myView alloc] init];
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Downloading and installing
An MDB can declare a message selector, which allows an MDB to be more discerning about the messages it receives from a particular topic or queue. Message selectors use Message properties as criteria in conditional expressions. These conditional expressions use Boolean logic to declare which messages should be delivered. A message selector is declared using the standard property name, messageSelector, in an activation configuration element:
This is often one area where search engines limit the user in order to keep queries relatively simple (to generate) and efficient (to execute). Note that this query doesn t take into account in how many columns a given word is found, but it seems that this information could be important (more on this later).
17: LINQ
As we mentioned in section 3.1, the lifecycle of the stateful session bean is very different from that of a stateless session bean because of passivation. In this section, we explain this concept in more depth. Let s start by looking at the lifecycle of a stateful bean, as shown in figure 3.8. The container follows these steps:
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