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Analyzers are basically responsible for taking text as input, breaking it into individual words (called tokens in Lucene terminology), and optionally applying some operations on the tokens. We ll call these operations filters, but they do more than filter in the common sense of the word: A filter operation can alter the stream of tokens as it pleases. Said otherwise, it can remove, change, and add words. Once the filter centrifuge is finished, Lucene uses the list of words (a stream really). Each word is indexed, along with statistical information.
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Button to POST as HTML
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Dynamic double combo
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Aggregate Queries
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Listing 14.3 manageTouches, which accepts inputs and changes views
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Photos added here
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In this example we want to read a page of HTML at a specified URL ( The connection takes place over the default HTTP port, port 80. Since this is the default port it does not need to be specified. Since this example only reads the page, the connection is opened in read-only mode. Once the connection is established, we obtain the input stream:
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8: Behavioral Patterns: Chain of Responsibility and Command
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Use the custom field bridge
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Dim worldsMostBoringString As String = New String
builddir classdir classpath classpathref controlfile failthrowable instrumentdir invariant Build directory for instrumented classes. [File] Class directory (uninstrumented classes). [File] Classpath to be used for invocation of iContract. [Path] Adds a reference to a classpath defined elsewhere. [Reference] Control file to pass to iContract. [File] Throwable (Exception) to be thrown on assertion violation. [String] Instrumentation directory. [File] Turns on/off invariant instrumentation. [Boolean]
session.createCriteria(User.class) .add("firstname", "G%") ) .add("lastname", "K%") )
Attributes and Reflection
Building on previous chapters, you won t be learning any new Hibernate mappings, but you will learn how to write them differently. So we assume that you understand how to do the following:
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