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Hosting and running applications the Azure way
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The variations are endless, so no single approach can work well for all systems. The next few sections will look at some common scenarios, and discuss the pros and cons of the various networking options .NET offers. Even within a specific scenario there will often be more than one way to make things work. There are no hard-and-fast rules, because each project has different requirements. So this section won t tell you what to do it ll just describe the issues you ll need to consider. Ultimately, only you can decide on the right solution for your system. We ll start with a very common web-based scenario.
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Now, requests for /products/apparel will end up being served by the ProductsByCategory.aspx page.
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452 ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file. See service configuration file ServiceConfiguration.csdef file 342 ServiceDefinition.csdef file 38 ServiceHost 342 ServiceHost class 342 ServiceRuntime assembly 34 services Access Control Service 381 384 affinity groups 41 and Fabric Controller 58 choosing a name 41 configuration 59 61 connecting clients to each other 398 connecting to 401 connecting to Service Bus 400 defining 81 90 development fabric service 31 development storage service 31 enterprise service bus. See Service Bus exposing 340 344 exposing to multiple vendors 398 fault domains 63 healthy 404 hosted 426 listing with service management API 424 425 managing health 435 naming 397 new service wizard 41 orchestration 397 Queue 340 Service Bus 381, 397 399 service configuration file 59 service definition file 59 service model 59 62 service packages 427 service registries 397 service-oriented architecture 397 setting up 41 supporting with SQL Server 31 Table service 240 264 tracking configuration settings 103 update domains 63 upgrading 64 68 upgrading. See upgrading version 362
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Having seen what a simple unit test looks like, let s cover how to install JUnit and incorporate it into our build process. This may be familiar to some readers already, so if you already know how to get and install JUnit, feel free to skip ahead to section 10.3. The first thing you need to do is download the JUnit library. You can find it at, along with sample documentation. At the time of writing, the current version was 3.8.1. Download the zip file and install it alongside your other applications (on Windows, extract to C:\applications\junit3.8.1). If you look into the expanded directory, the really important file is the junit.jar file; the other files consist of user guides, sample code, and JavaDocs. scan image barcode 39
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Many would agree that the persistence tier remains the primary suspect of most performance issues. Sometimes this is due to poor design or a failure to understand the technologies in play and how they interact. Sometimes it can be due to a weak vendor implementation or tool, or insufficient training on how to use the tool properly the way it was intended. Yet another cause can be not getting your database team involved during the design process. Your DBAs should have intimate knowledge of the data and database server(s), and be able to give you some insight on how best to interact with it, as well as be able to make modifications that your application could benefit from. Our own experience has shown that the response time of applications will improve from 2 to 10 times simply by tuning the data access layer. When you are experiencing unacceptable performance, there might be several reasons to suspect this layer. For instance, the SQL statements are generated by the persistence provider, and unless you know how the persistence provider generates the SQL statement, you put the blame on the JPA provider! You can take several actions to improve how your applications access the database. In this section we ll offer some advice on these design considerations.
The role of the server
7.3.6 Comparing identifiers
<property name="ant-contrib.jar" location="lib/ant-contrib-0.1.jar"/> <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/" classpath="${ant-contrib.jar}"/>
C.3 We don t need primary keys
<!-- hibernate.cfg.xml --> <hibernate-configuration> <session-factory name="dvdstore-catalog"> <!-- regular Hibernate Core configuration --> <property name="hibernate.dialect"> org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect </property> <property name="hibernate.connection.datasource"> jdbc/test </property> Hibernate Search
The Application model
J Provider where the
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