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Graphics: Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL
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Filters in Lucene are implemented as a subclass of org.hibernate.lucene. search.Filter, whose main method takes an IndexReader and returns a DocIdSet (see listing 8.1). A DocIdSet is a structure that returns the ordered list of matching document ids via an iterator. The most common DocIdSet implementation (DocIdBitSet) uses a structure named BitSet to store the list of matching results. BitSet is a compact structure that returns true or false for a given Lucene Document id; false means the element is filtered out. A BitSet uses one bit per Document. If your index contains ten million Documents, the BitSet structure will require 1.2 MB of memory. The DocIdSet is computed and returned for an IndexReader instance.
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int x = 4; int y = 10; Multiplier myMultiplier = new Multiplier( ); int result = myMultiplier.Multiply(x, y);
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SELECT * FROM LineItems WHERE Quantity > 5 ORDER BY ProductID, Quantity DESC
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Pass-based dependencies occur when you have to build things in a particular order or you say, We have cyclical dependencies, so we have to control the order of the build. Figure 12.3 Project A compiles and fails. We This completely serializes your build. then compile project B, which succeeds. We First, there s no such thing as a cyclical then compile A again. Because it s successful, build. MSBuild doesn t allow it. If you think we assume we have a cyclical dependency. you have one, you don t. Analyzing this more closely, we get figure 12.3. In this figure, we know that project B depends on project A; but when we compile A, we get errors, and it doesn t actually build. We then build B, and it succeeds. If we then build A again, we assume that we have a cyclical dependency. But what s really happening is depicted in figure 12.4.
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Assets These are stored as a name tree with embedded file specifications. You can use the addAsset() method to add entries to this name tree. Configuration This is an array of RichMediaConfiguration objects. Such an object contains an array of RichMediaInstance objects. Views This is an array of 3D view dictionaries, in case the rich media annotation contains a 3D stream. See listing 16.16.
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Building web services in J2EE
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If you want to create and drop the domain declaration automatically with the rest of your schema, put it into a <database-object> mapping. SQL supports additional column constraints. For example, the business rules allow only alphanumeric characters in user login names:
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Shockingly, perhaps, that is all there is to generics. The creator of the class says, in essence, This applies to some type <T> to be named later (when the interface or class is used) and the programmer using the interface or collection type replaces <T> with the actual type (for example, int, string, Employee, and so on).
There is no equivalent query expression if you want to use anything other than the default comparison for a type, you must use this overload of the OrderBy operator.
When the user types a letter, a hidden span is made visible with the information that relates to the typed letter. In figure 10.4, the highlighted letter in all of the available options is the letter a, which appears in the textbox also. The first option in the list is highlighted. By pressing the Up and Down Arrow keys, we can move this selection. Pressing the Enter key allows us to select the option. We can also select the option by clicking on one of the words from the list with the mouse. Because of the complexity of this script, the explanation may seem rather jumpy, since it involves the use of many functions to perform the type-ahead suggest. One function monitors the keystrokes, another one loads the text and JavaScript code, a third one builds the list, a fourth one underlines the typed letters, and so on. You can download the code from Manning s website so you can follow along and look at the code in your favorite editor. Adding the external Ajax JavaScript file To add Ajax functionality to this application, we must include the external JavaScript file, net.js (introduced in chapter 3), in the head tag. It contains the ContentLoader object, which allows us to initiate the Ajax request without having to do all the if-else checking:
If we start to consider non-Latin languages, things get even worse. Some languages don t even have a clear notion of words. Chinese and Japanese, for example, do not separate words with a space. As a matter of fact, traditional Chinese does not have a word to designate the idea of word as an identifiable graphical unit.
public class CustomerSummary { public string Name { get; set; } public bool Active { get; set; } public string ServiceLevel { get; set; } public string OrderCount { get; set;} public string MostRecentOrderDate { get; set; } }
There are only three real lines of code in the RedirectController. Controllers should all be thin, and this is a good example. Only logic related to presenting information to the user belongs in the controller. In this case, the user experiences a redirect; the logic for finding the correct Conference object is a data access issue and doesn t belong in the controller, so it s factored into a repository object. The controller demonstrates proper separation of concerns, and it s easily unit tested because it s only involved with a single responsibility. We re able to simulate dependencies using test doubles. In figure 4.5, you see the unit test passing because we were able to properly simulate this controller s dependencies and verify that, given the dependencies, the controller will do its job correctly.
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